In 1994 the professional category “Hydro Technical Construction” launched within the Department of metal and concrete constructions. The first alumni group was in 1999. The first Chief of Department was G.B. Sobolin – Doctor of Technical Sciences - Professor. He was also first ones on development of hydro technical construction in our republic for irrigation purposes. In 2003-2011 the Chief of Department was P.P. Mastilenko, Candidate of Technical Sciences. There are current department staffs such as famous experts in the field of water engineering and hydro energy as a Professor – Rahimov, Docent – Dikambaev and Professor – Akmatov.
Our students attend internship at different organization, joint stock companies and private organizations. The department signed collaboration contracts with Kyrgyzsubdolbboru, Naryngidroproekt, NarynGES and a list of state administrations for student internships. The KNTZ ENERGY opens a branch of our department for practical internship in places, where there is an opportunity for laboratory classes and training room for academic lectures. The laboratories at the Institute of water issues and hydro energy within KTU by I. Razakova also uses for practical classes on basis on contract. Our students are the first ones at the construction sight of Kambarata Hydro Power Station.


Faculty of the Department

The practical internship is hold at the Toktogul hydro power station. The hard of this facility is control board. We touch to the most sacred of our profession.
Alumni of our department may work at the following system:

  • Ministry of Energy
  • Ministry of Emergency Affairs and Ecology
  • Ministry of agriculture and water resources
  • Joint Stock Companies, Join Venture Companies
  • Scientific and research organizations and project offices as a technical and engineering staff as an expert, construction site supervisor and production supervisor
  • Construction organizations on water hydro technical constructions in the area of energy, transportation, water intake, irrigation and drainage systems;
  • Project drafting companies on hydraulic system, hydro constructions and hydro melioration systems;
  • Organization on design and development untraditional methods of electricity production, development of hydro energy saving on micro hydro power stations
  • Scientific organization for the problem resolution on creation of reliable and efficient system of energy production and complex utilization of nature resources
  • The system of Ministry of Emergency Resources in the Kyrgyz Republic on construction of water protection facilities in urban and rural areas
  • The educational institutions as a teacher as well as a professor

Scientific and research activity

The Department supervises following scientific activities in the area of hydro technical construction and renewable sources of energy.
1. Technological basics of water intakes at the mountain river from the angle of systemic analysis
2. Methodological improvement of impact evaluation of water reservoirs towards surrounding environment
3. Methodological design and multi-use assets of irrigation channel for electricity production
4. Design and research of thermo-turbulent energy engine for autonomous energy saving.

5                     6

Picture of thermo-turbulent energy engine
4. Design and research of cavity and energy engine for facility energy saving   


The sample of cavity-rotational generator
4. Improvement of solar radiation’s concentrates with remote controller to get
hydrogen of sustainable temperature

Sample of concentrate with digital controller in practice

The department provides education on following direction:

  • Bachelor Programme - construction on hydro power constructions
  • Masters Programme - river and underground hydro technological constructions.

At the present teacher of the department provides education in 27 academic classes. The methodological and education programme is under the improvement pedagogical methods, design of teaching materials, manuals and textbook of the new generation. Totally more than 1000 scientific publications published and about 700 student gained an education on hydro technological construction for the period of department functioning. In 1995 department opens master programme and doctorate study programme. There 20 alumni of masters and doctorate studies for the mentioned period. At the present moment there are 5 associate candidates on full-time education, 1 on distance learning programme, 2 associate researchers, 4 graduate students and 92 undergraduate students.

The Department of Hydro Technological Construction invites all interested parts to mutual cooperation. The Faculty of the Department has high pedagogical and scientific capacity.
The major directions of scientific and research activities are following points:
- River and underground constructions
- Autonomous system of energy saving
- Engine on transformation of renewable sources of energy
- Minor hydro energy engines

Contact Information:
Kyrgyzstan, 720020
Bishkek, 34 B Maldybaeva Street
Department of Hydro Technical Construction         
Phone:  +996-312-590094
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