The Department is profiling and prepares graduates in the direction Construction: - BA in profile "Industrial and Civil Engineering", Master's "Theory of the construction and design of buildings and structures";
The Department provides an educational process for students of all profiles in the directions: "Architecture" and "Construction" KSUCTA. Currently, teachers of the department and ensure conduct classes in 15 disciplines. Methodical work aimed at improving the teaching methodology, the development of teaching methods, ukazaniyi benefits of new generation in the state, and foreign languages. In total during the department published more than 100 study guides and instructions, 600 articles, more than 95 scientific and technical reports, prepared over 3,500 students with a degree in "Industrial and civil construction." Since 1993 there are postgraduate study and master study in the Department. During this period, training completed more than 20 undergraduate and graduate students. Currently enrolled - two graduate students and five undergraduates.

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