Department of "Concrete Structures" was established in 1970, after the separation of the Department "Building construction" has the status of producing department. The department is preparing JBK and production engineers, specialty (profile) "Industrial and civil construction."
The first head of the department was elected Dean of the Engineering Faculty, Associate Professor Boris Pak Eliseevich (1970-1974) in subsequent years the department was headed: Ph.D., Associate Professor Tian Alexander (1974 -1981), Ph.D. Docent  Temikeev K. (1982 -1993), Ph.D., Docent Baktygulov K.B (1992-1993), Ph.D., Docent Usubakunov E.U. (1993 1994) Prof. Abduzhabarov A.H. (1994 -1996).
   Since 1996 till now  head of  the department Prof. Temikeev K. combining with that of director of the Institute EMC. Over the years, worked at the department: Ludwig V.D., Chonbashev M.S.,  Chudnetsov V.N.,  Toktosunov A.M., Koval J.A., Trushnikova A.V., Fritz Z.E., Filippov V.A.,  Nazarov J.P., Shakhnazarov N.N., Tsantsaridi R.A., Dzhakypbekov I.D., Aldoyarov N.B., Kanygina NN Ryspaev DA, A. Paramonov M. Djunushaliev AD Pak VP Asanov KA Adyrakaeva G.D., Stamaliev A.K., Amatov M., etc.
  The problem of training of scientific personnel of higher qualification Pedagogical Department JBK solved by establishing academic relationships with leading universities and research institutes of Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kiev, Novosibirsk, Odessa, etc.
Many young teachers and staff of the department later became doctors and PhD. During the period from 1970 to the present time more than 40 faculty and staff defended master's and doctoral theses. Many of them continue to teach at the different countries of the CIS and other foreign countries, as heads of departments and leading professors, sharing their knowledge and experience to younger generations.
Department of Reinforced Concrete is proud of its graduates example: former teacher of JBK, and now Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Academician Nazarov J.P., the Director (ЦНИИСК)  named after  Kucherenko  in Moscow, and others.  On the basis of concrete structures, produced  two new departments: "Hydraulic Engineering",  Head of the  department Ph.D., Akmatov A.K., and "Railroad"  Head of department  Ph.D., Docent  Zhumabayev R.A.. Staff of the department takes a proactive stance, full of optimism and fully aims to train the profile CBC - shaping the future KR. (Teaching staff >>)has a high educational and scientific potential. The main directions of the research activities of the department are conducting economic contracts and state budgetary research.
The Department is profiling and prepares graduates towards Construction: - BA in profile "Industrial and civil construction"; Master "Theory construction and design of buildings and structures";
Since 1993 there are  postgraduate study and master study at the Department. During this period, training completed more than 20  master students and postgraduate students. Currently enrolled - two graduate students and five undergraduates. The department has JBK testing laboratory building (concrete) structures (3/117).

Kyrgyzstan, 720020, Bishkek, st. Maldybaeva 34 "b" KSUCTA
IEMC, Department of "Reinforced concrete structures", room 3-203
Phone: +996-312-545641