was born in 1984, kyrgyz, higher education, master of engineering and technology.
In 2007 she graduated with honors from the Kyrgyz State University of Construction, Transportation and Architecture (KSUCTA) in «Information systems and technologies."
In 2008 entered the graduate KSUCTA in "Information and computer technology" master program "Database", completed in 2010. In that year she entered in postgraduate study in "Hydraulic Engineering."
From June 2007 to present he has been working as a lecturer at the Department of “Geodesy and Geoinformatics”.
She has participated in international conferences, seminars and training courses held, has certificates:
1. Modern electronic surveying instruments. 7.09 - 1.10.12. ASH license number 2271. Reg. № 481 of 01.10.2012, the
2. Geoinformatics teacher training. April 29 - May 18, 2012. Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan.
3. GISCA 2011 Preconference Workshops, 16-18 May 2011, Almaty, Kazakhstan.
4. Data modeling / ETL with SAFE-FME, Development of NSD / Kyrgyz Web Portal, Open Source Desktop and Server Software. 24-26 May 2010, Bishkek.
5. Computer applications skills in "System Administration" 8-18 December 2009, KSUCTA, Bishkek
6. "Skills in computer applications" in "System of Distance Education" 01-20 April 2010, KSUCTA, Bishkek.
7. Application of  GIS in Water Management, 22-23 January 2008, KSUCTA, Bishkek.
She participated in 2008/2009g.g. in scientific - research work on "Investigation of sediment deposition in the reservoir Ortotokoy and database development" held at the KSUCTA for the Ministry of Education and Science of the Kyrgyz Republic. On the subject was made master's thesis, released three articles in the KSUCTA journal, further scientific and research work will involve the application of GIS technology in hydraulic engineering.