«World Economics» Department (WE)

About the Department

History of the department has its beginning from educating new engineers –economists in construction field at Kyrgyz State University started in 1966. In 1968 this work was passed to  MB and CCO of Kyrgyz SSR, belonged to Politechnical institute,  department of “Construction economics and management of architectural-construction” under guidance of associate professor Zakrjevskiy P.D. In 1974-1976 the department was headed by Candidate of economical sciences Isakov K.I. During 1986- 1990 – Professor Merenkov V.,  1990-1992 Acossiate professor Narynbaev T.K.
Since 1992, in connection with the commence of specialists preparation in education lines: "World economics", "Management”, “Financial accounting and Audit”, “Industrial economics”, and according to the order of National Business Foundation, new commercial faculty was established under KGUSTA. In 1998,  it was established new full-fledged department "World Economics", which was aimed to prepare specialists in the sphere of international economic relations.
In economics globalization  epoch,  grows importance of specialist, experienced  in establishing  international, multilateral economic relations, in forming foreign economic relations in favour of their own enterprises. Outlet to the world market – that is nowadays locomotive of economics development. Our Republic has all possibilities to become  competitive in the world market on tourism service, processing industry and agriculture, transportation and communication, construction realms.
At present, our Republic lacks specialist, capable to realize with foreign countries scientifically-technical, monetary-financial and trade-economic activities.
Our graduates are capable of concluding profitable international contracts, research world market conditions by studying world economics’ international monetary-credit relationships, international business, international law, international standards concerning accounting  and audit, international management and so on. Large attention paid to students’ IT related education and foreign languages as well.
Studies conducted according to relevant KR state academic standards of higher education, Modern  curriculums developed and approved in accordance with state educational standards of KR. All subjects methodically provided. Every lecturer prepares calendar-thematic planning on lectures and seminar classes. As well as working out questions and tasks for student’ individual work.
Special duty list is designed within the department, according which, conduction of lecturer’s group-classes checked daily. All data fixed in “Group-class conduction register book”. All registered irregularities then handed over to head of the department, who takes relevant measures, up to cutting of lecturers’ increments.
The department emphasizes to preparation of competitive and high qualified specialists, magistracy and graduate school are available with the study subjects related to International economic relations
In the department occupied 1 academician MANPO Narynbaev Turdubek Kasymovich, 4 c.e.s., Sydygaliev Usenbek Sydygalievich, Narynbaev Turdubek Kasymovich, Samaybekova Z.K, Alymkulova Nuriylya Alymkulovna.  3 assistant professors Kasymaliev ZH.K. ,Sydygaliev Usenbek Sydygalievich, Samaybekova Z.K and 4 senior teachers, Satybaldiev M.A.,Maadanbekova M.ZH.,Isabaeva K.B, Kurbanova I.H., who constantly improve their qualification, studying in graduate school, in magistracy, take part in workshops and conferences, take extension courses, organized by the World Bank, Asian Development Bank, Japan centre, Educational network of economic and business education EDNET of Koran corporation, Diplomatic academy MFA of KR and others

The milestone in "World economics" specialists grounding is  formation from student years their scientific worldview, to this effect, students are attracted to research works. Annually for activation of scientific and creative works, students participate in yearly essays and degree work contests, take part in scientifically-practical conferences and academic olympiads.
Educational works  in the department realized in the spirit of KGUSTA’s traditions observance. Our students actively participate in public and cultural-mass activities. Take part in KVN, public ensemble dance group of KGUSTA, SIFE UCTA, participate in athletic activities of the university.
Our graduates are competent working in all directions of industrially-scientific activities, scientific centres, international bodies, banks, exchanges, industrial and construction enterprises, in state agencies, run their own business, tax and custom bodies etc.
During current academic year, we plan to enhance and improve material and technical support of the scholastic processes, enhancement  and modernization of laboratories, expansion and fortification of department’s scientific relationships with educational institutions of post soviet and other foreign countries, improvement of education by implementing innovation elements and new educational technologies.

Educational  processes and research activities in the department conducted by:

1.         Samaybekova Zeynegul Kubatbekovna – Head of department, c.e.s., assistant professor;
2.         Narynbaev Turdubek Kasymovich -  Dean "FEM" c.e.s;
3.         Kasymaliev ZHunushaaly Kasymalievich - Assistant professor;
4.         Alymkulova Nuriylya Alymkulovna - c.g.s., Assistant professor;
5.         Maadanbekova Mayram ZHolomanovna - Senior teacher; 
6.         Isabaeva Kerezkan Baybekovna -  Senior teacher; 
7.         Kurbanova Indira Hiyazidinovna -  Senior teacher; 
8.         Satybaldiev Mirlan Abdrazakovich -  Senior teacher; 
9.         Baygubatova Nazira Mukanbetovna -  Teacher;
10.       Abdyldaeva Meerim -  Teaching methods specialist, Teacher;
11.       Baymaeva Aykumush Beksultanovna -  Engineer-  Software programmer;

Specialty «World economics»

Qualification of graduates - Economist.
- International economic relations;
- Foreign economic activities of construction enterprises       

In economics globalization  epoch, constantly growing need in specialists experienced in organization of international multilateral economic relations and capable of forming external economic connections  for the benefit of their own enterprises.

        Outlet to the world market is in every possible way encouraged by the Government of Kyrgyz Republic.
Our republic has all possibilities to be competitive in the world market by offering line of agriculture products, tourism service,  skilled personnel in sphere of transportation and construction, as well as processing industry
At present, our Republic insufficiently releases specialists, capable of realizing production, scientific and technical, monetary-financial and trade-economic activities with foreign partners.
We teach students to conclude profitable international contracts, study global market conditions. Students gain knowledge in field of international law, governmental regulation of foreign economic relations, international business, attraction and regulations of foreign investments, issues on international accounting standards, cost-performance assessment of international projects.
Graduates are capable to work in international integration associations. Significant consideration devoted to foreign languages and innovation  technologies.
Magistracy and graduate school are also available in the department. Magistracy and graduate school mostly concentrated on research of international economic relation developments under guidance of professors and assistant professors.

Graduates of the given specialties are eligible for working in:

-  Ministry of foreign affairs;
-  Ministry of foreign trade, industry and tourism;
-  Foreign investment affairs state committee;
-  International tourism firms;
- Joint and foreign firms;
- Small and private enterprises;
- Tax, financial and customs structures.

        Our graduates currently work in USA, Great Britain, Denmark, Germany, Greece, Turkey, China and other international institutions. 

Specialty «Personnel management» (HR)

Qualification of graduates - Manager.
Among all economic related professions, this direction is new and in-demand profession on labour -market.
KGUSTA first, intook applicants for profession "Management personnel" in 2007.

Demand for graduates, educated in this profession constantly growing, both together with expansion of the labour market and growing requirements to personnel management in separate organization and enterprises of all forms of property or industry sectors.
Graduates can also participate in professional organizing-management, economic, research and technical, planned, design-economic, analytical, and research activities of personnel management service.
Graduates are intended for working in personnel management service at state and municipal bodies, in management of enterprises, and in all forms of property, in industry, trade, transportation, banking, insurance, tourism, employment service, labour-exchanges and in other spheres.

IT classroom  of the  dep. «World ecomonomics»

It is worth to note that, main information source for students is Librariy Information Centre of KGUSTA, where there is reading hall with 400 seats, PC class equipped with 10 desktops, 1 scanner and KGUSTA’s Internet server.  Students have full access to Internet (searching information for their yearly essays, abstracts and degree works). 
Electronic library contains electronic textbooks, work programs, lecture synopsis, subject tests, examination tickets and recommended literature.


(lecture., practical lab.,  etc.)

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Department’s IT hardware information

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The Department staff  take active part in research work on subject "Development of construction-investment complex in KR".
3 research applicants, who work on the following subject researches:
"Foreign aid rendered to Kyrgyz Republic"
Satybaldieva M.A.
"Regional features of the population and labor resources development in KR"
Kurbanova I.H.

Working on researches, they actively participate in different conferences:
Research applicant Satybaldiev M.A. participated in international scientifically - practical conference "Post Soviet Kyrgyzstan and its development perspectives",
As well as assistant professor of the department Kasymaliev ZH.K. participated in international scientifically- practical conference dedicated to "March’s revolution" held in Kyrgyz State University Arabaeva in 2006.
Kurbanova I.H. participated in scientifically-practical conference held by KGUSTA " Aspects of stationing defining for construction-assembling enterprises”.  In KR BGIEK, professor, MANPO academician Narynbaev takes active part in researches, international scientifically -  practical conferences and different tender activities as economic expert, participated in research conferences held by KGUSTA.
Alymkulova N.A. participated in international scientifically-practical conference held by KGUSTA and scientifically-practical conference conducted by KNU.

You will obtain not only qualitative education for reasonable cost, but also profession that is always in demand in society.

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