Alieva Dzhyldyz Eshkulovna

3Associate professor of the «Chemistry, Personal and Social Safety» department
She graduated of Leningrad institute of film engineer.
Worked in Institute of the organic chemistry Academy of Science of KR (now Institute to chemistries and chemical technology Academy of Science of Kyrgyz Republic).
Candidate of the chemical sciences, assistant professor. The area research is a chemistry of the natural compounds.
On the results of the research is published over 70 publications, including 1 monograph, 4 author's certificates on inventions, 2 patents KR, 11 methodical instructions.
Has been working at KSUCTA since 1991.
Passed the course of qualifications:
1. Internal auditor of the system of management quality (Kazakhstan Academy of management quality) certificate 1 A.178 10-06
2. "Engineering Pedagogic" 2009г. Certificate 05-08
3. Module "Designing state educational standard and educational programs of the high