Students (honors, scholars, athletes, activists, and others)

The students of our specialties in addition getting actively participate in the social and sporting life of the University and are the winners of various competitions and scholarships.

Honors students:
1. Abdraimov N.K.
2. Sivirina K.E.
3. Kasymbaev E.
4. Kubanychbekova J.
5. Begaliev Z.
6. Zhumabekova T.
7. Muratbek uulu N.
8. Talent kyzy Ch.

1. Abdraimov N.K. - Winner of the Presidential Scholarship "Umut" and scholarship of Nasirdin Isanov.
2. Sivirina K.E. - Winner of the scholarship, "Veterans of Komsomol of FPI."

1. Abdraimov N.K. - Secretary of the student committee of INTRANSСOM.
2. Sivirina K.E. - Winner of "Miss KSUCTA."
3. Amanbekov D. - leader.

1. Razybekov A. - won 1st place the KR in Sambo.
2. Moldobaev E. - won 2nd place the KR in athletics.
3. Bekeshova G. - won 2nd place the KR in chess.
4. Shermatova A. - team member of KSUCTA in volleyball.