Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor of department of «lifting transports constructional, road machines and equipment» Associate Member of the Academy of Engineering of the Kyrgyz Republic, Excellent of worker Education of the KR

He graduated from the Frunze Polytechnic Institute in 1982, specialty - construction machinery and equipment.
Diploma of KR, Excellent worker of Education, Honored worker of Kyrgyz-Uzbek University, diplomas and certificates of national competitions and universities. He has published about 160 scientific papers, including 2 monographs, 4 brochures, more than 100 scientific articles, 12 inventions, 8 methodical works.
Field of research - mining, mining and construction equipment, theory and design of machines, equipment and technology of rocks, natural stone processing, construction, road machinery, etc.
A number of state scientific and technical projects on development and creation of machines and technologies for extraction and processing of natural stone blocks in the Scientific Research works Ministry of Education and Science of the Kyrgyz Republic from 1995 to 2011, Position - deading, Senior Research worker, Director thems.
Ph.D. degree at the Graduate School of the Academy of Sciences of Kyrgyz SSR, 1990.
Doctoral dissertation - on competention, 2008.
Co-director of three candidates of sciences, at that time the director of one competitor and one graduate student.

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R.A. Mendekeev

Status and prospects of stone mining industry in Kyrgyzstan

The book examines the state of stone mining and processing industry of the Kyrgyz Republic at present.



O.D.Alimov, M.T.Mamasaidov, E.K.Azhibaev,
R.A. Mendekeev
Technique and technology of extraction and processing of natural stone
Highlight techniques and technologies of production and processing of natural stone based on the Soviet-Italian symposium on integrated stone. Describes the technology and equipment of Italian firms "Pellegrini", "Terzaghi", "ochem-Cassani," "SMAE" and "Stayneks" in 1983-1984