Department «lifting transport constructional, road machines and equipment»

Dept. (LT CRM) is a graduate department of the N. KSUCTA named after N.Isanov and prepares engineers for construction of road cars. The chair is a Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor KSUCTA Asanov Arstanbek Avlezovich.
In 1968, 9 October the department of SDM in the Civil Engineering Faculty of the Frunze Polytechnic institute. The first Head of the Department - Ph.D., Associate Professor Juli Isacson Yakovlevich He founded the department and made a great contribution to equip laboratories. The founders of the Department of SRM were teachers Park M.S., Tarvit D.E., Tolstokulakov A.M., Skorodumov B.V., Knish A.G., Bakanov B.T., Vayskrants V.M., Dick I.P. In the following years, department chairs elected candidate of technical sciences, professor Bakanov B.T. (1971-77 years, 1984-85 years), Gorin U.L. (1977-79 years), Zubkov A.F. (1979-1986 years), Asanov A.A. (1986-92-94 years) Sadyrov K.A. (1993), J.J. Turgumbaev (1995-2000), Radzhapova N.A. (2000-2003), Frolov I.O. (2003-2010), since 2010 Asanov A.A. By the end of the 70's to establish close links with leading universities, research organizations of the USSR, thereby increasing the educational and academic qualifications of teachers, and probation students.
Defended their theses over 10 graduates of the Department of SRM, 4 doctoral dissertations (Turgumbaev J.J., Asanov A.A., Dzhylkychiev A.C., Frolov I.O.).
Currently, the department is working closely with these universities, both in the area of ​​training in the field of science, and in the methodological equipment.
Was established Student Design Bureau "Temir" field study landfill in the village Bunch Alamedin area, new research and teaching laboratories in 80 years.
At the department «LT СRM» opened in 1996, specialty - 522102.00 - "Traffic Management", in 2001 a special "Machinery and equipment, and the nature of the device protecting the environment", 2002 specialty 670004 "Customs in Transport" and in 2006, specialty "Standardization and Certification."
At the department «LT CRM» under investigation, and a new equipment to enhance the durability of machine parts. In addition, a new equipment and technology to develop new sources of energy.
1993, the department established a specialized council for PhD theses in "Traffic and construction equipment" under the direction of Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor J.J. Turgumbaev which protected more than 10 master's theses.
The approved staffing table for the department secured 13 staff positions, including 3 professors, 7 associate professors, 4 tbsp. teachers, 4 teachers, 1 head of the laboratory, 2 school masters, 1 engineer (of the department Ø).
At the department has a graduate, postgraduate and doctoral study.