The history of chair "higher mathematics"

The higher mathematics chair is the successor of chair “higher mathematics” of Frunze  polytechnical institute which was formed in 1954. In the beginning it was called as chair of mathematics and physics and included only six units PPS. The first rector FPI, the teacher of many mathematicians of Kyrgyzstan Syhomlinov Georgyi Akimovich headed chair over twenty years.In different years chair was managed by Artyushenko Lydya Mihailovna,Belobrov Victor Nikolaevich, Abdukerimov Toktobay Abdukerimovich, Djunushev Ilebakun Djunushevich, Myrzakmatov Mukay Usupovich, Karabakirov Rymbek Karabakirovich, Kadyrov Tenty Kadyrovich, Salamatov Joldon Salamatovich. Now Alisherov Abdulla is at the head of the chair. The known people in republic as the first president the Kyrgyz republic, academician Аskar Аkaev, the director of mathematics institute of academy of Sciences, academician Imanaliev Myrzabek Imanalievich have worked in chair. Some teachers of chair occupied subsequently posts of the President of Academy of Sciences, rectors, pro-rectors of high schools of Republic; Six former teachers of chair became managers of chairs of high schools of Bishkek, other cities of Kyrgyzstan and Russia; teachers Azhimudinov T.A., Kushchubekov I.K., and Urdinov A.U. are awarded ranks of the Honoured worker of formation of the Kyrgyz republic.The light memory of died teachers-mathematicians is stored such as Usubakunov Rakym Usubakunovich, Kajbyldaev Osmon Kajbyldaevich, Pechersky Lev Bentsionovich, Svetov Nikolay Petrovich, Stamaliev Kerim Stamalievich, Dzhunushov Ilebakun Dzhunushovich, Usubaliev Rysbek Usubalievich is stored in chair. (Staff of the department)

Now the chair of higher mathematics KSUCTA is the amicable, solid collective successfully combining skilled, highly skilled experts and young, vigorous teachers.


Saff of chair "Higher mathematics"

There are two basic directions in chair study:
* perfection of quality and forms of carrying out of employment, liquidation of blanks in  preparation of students (the student-is a vessel which it is necessary to fill »);
* work with the presented, well prepared students of the Olympiad, the problems of the raised difficulty included in typical calculations, manuals; joint with students research reports at conferences («the student-is a torch which needs to be lighted»).
For the decision of these problems for years of existence of chair by teachers are written and published not one hundred educational and scientifically - methodical workings out, including such works, as Usubakunova R. U's books «Дифференциалдык жана интегралдык эсептоолор», parts the first and the second; Bekboeva I.B., Timofeeva A.I., Usubalieva R. U «Ordering of decisions of problems at a school course of geometry»
Last years the chair has even more strengthened methodical work both in quantitative, and in qualitative relations.
And if for previous forty five years of existence of chair the above-named works are during the last years already published more than thirty large on volume, deep manuals under the maintenance with a signature stamp of the Ministry of Education and Science have been published from big only.
The chair collective looks ahead with optimism, puts before itself the big purposes and problems, is full of determination them to realize.