Department "Operation of transport and technological machines" (ОTTM)

logo_EESThe Department of "Operation of transport and technological machines" (ETTM) was organized as the issuing department on July 4, 2017 by the order of the rector of KSUCTA №1 / 105. It is organized by the association of the departments "Exploitation of vehicles" and "Hoisting-and-transport, construction and road machinery and equipment" which had a long history. Since the day of the organization, the department is headed by the academic adviser of the Engineering Academy of the Kyrgyz Republic, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Suyuntbekov Islam Esenkulovich.
The department is provided with highly qualified specialists. Structure of the department >>). The department pays much attention to the training of highly qualified personnel. There is a magistracy, postgraduate and doctoral studies. Employees of the department created experimental installations, stands and models for studying the working processes of transport and technological machines. The faculty of the department consists of 17 people, including: 3 professors, 5 associate professors, 5 senior lecturers and 4 teachers.


The department carries out preparation of bachelors in two directions:
-670200-Operation of transport and technological machines and complexes, (Purpose and result of training.)
Profile 1: - Cars and car facilities;
2. Profile: -Automobile service;
Profile 3.: - Operation of transport technological vehicles for surface support of air transport.
- 670100 - Ground transport-technological machines and complexes, (Purpose and result of training.)
profile 1 .: - Hoisting-and-transport, construction and road machinery and equipment.
2. Profile: Means of airfield and technical support of aviation flights;
3. Profile: Agricultural machinery and equipment;
4. Profile: Machinery and equipment for environmental management and environmental protection. Academic degree - bachelor.
 The purpose of the profiles is to organize and provide maintenance, diagnostics and repair of transport and technological machines.
This branch of transport for maintaining the working capacity of transport and technological machines is one of the main in the industry of the Kyrgyz Republic, which is strategically important for the life of the country and receiving foreign exchange resources, and specialists for this, one of the few emerging industries, are in sufficient demand in the labor market and have worthy of payment.
The educational and professional programs of our profiles cover a range of issues that will allow our graduates to devote their lives to any stage of the operational cycle of transport and technological machines. Graduates of our department can engage in fundamental and applied research related to the improvement and development of transport and technological machines. To join the creative team in designing and designing transport and technological machines, their units and systems, to work in engineering positions of transport and technological enterprises, to operate transport and technological machines or to service motor transport, construction and road enterprises.
Educational work at the department is conducted to maintain and observe the traditions of the internal order of KSUCTA, the participation of students in public, organizational and cultural events, the upbringing of a comprehensive developed and intelligent student-specialist.
In the process of training, wishing to get a working profession: -Technik-auto mechanic; -Technik-auto-electrics; -Technik-electric welder.
The scientific problem of the department is: "Increasing operational efficiency and improving the design of transport and technological machines in the Kyrgyz Republic"
The department has: -Masters, according to the program: "Technical operation of transport-technological machines and complexes, cars"; - Postgraduate and doctoral studies in the following specialties:
05.22.10. -Exploitation of motor transport;
05.05.03. -Wheel and caterpillar machines;
05.05.04. -Construction and road machines.
dThe purpose of the department is: training specialists who provide transport and technological machines for maintenance and repair; in the firm centers of machine-building and repair plants, design and technological and scientific organizations, marketing and transport-operational services, logistics and logistics systems, in organizations that exercise control over the technical condition of transpot and technological machines.
The problem of the department is: operation of transport and technological machines in accordance with the requirements of normative and technical documents; testing and determining the operability of installed, operated and repaired vehicles and transport equipment and technological machines, etc.
Organizational and management activities: organization and improvement of the work of the team of performers, selection, justification, adoption and implementation of management decisions, accounting and document management systems.
Design and construction activities: the formation of the objectives of the project solutions to tasks, criteria and indicators of achieving the goals; the development of projects of objects and professional activities taking into account the mechanical, technological, aesthetic, ecological and economic requirements.
Production and technical activities: the definition of a production program for maintenance, service, repair and other services for the operation of transport and technological machines or the manufacture of equipment; introduction of effective engineering solutions for installation and adjustment of transport equipment and equipment, organization and implementation of technical control.
With the help of the chair, purposeful work is carried out to increase the human resources and improve the material and technical base.


Responsible: Department of ETTM,
Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Suyuntbekov I.E.
Updated: 14/12/2017.