1Head of the Department "Customs" (transport), member of the International Academy of Energy named A.Eynshteyn, assistant professor.

       Esenaliev Turdakun Bazarkulovich born in 1967, has three degrees, Kyrgyz. In 1986, he entered the Siberian Road Institute in Omsk and in 1993 graduated from the specialty "Construction of roads and airfields» C 1999 to 2002. studied in KSUCTA-specialty "Assessment and management of the property," and in 2005 he graduated from the Law School on "Jurisprudence".
After studying at the institute since 1993, he worked at the university as educational master at the department "Construction of Road and Vehicles". In the same year he entered the graduate school and in 1996 completed the full course. Then he worked as a teacher, assistant professor in the departments of "Automobile and Road" and "Construction of Railways".
Since 2003, for two years as a leading specialist management training KSUCTA. Currently working as a Head. of department  "customs" (Transport), has been actively involved in the implementation of research projects carried out by international scientific conferences, the issue of training, manuals. Over the last 5 years has passed three training on pedagogical and professional skills.
Published 23 scientific papers and has two patents for inventions, produced 11 teaching and guidance.
Areas of research works: “Improvement of road-building machinery to clear mountain roads”
Currently completing a thesis and preparing to go to defense. Takes part in the government budget projects such as: project - "Development of the system start-ICE" (2011) - responsible executor; project - "Development of technology and the rationale for the formation of cracks and fracture of asphalt concrete pavement on the streets of Bishkek" (2012 ) - responsible executor. Has a Diploma of Ministry of Education (2007). Is the evaluator has a Certificate of Qualification (№ 021-II) practitioner assessor II category.