Senior Lecturer of English language, Master of Linguistics of the department “Computer linguistics and Intercultural communication” INIT, KSUCTA n.a.N.Isanov.
Education: Higher. Kyrgyz State Pedagogical University named
after I.Arabaev in 2005.
Faculty of World Languages
Specialty:                   “Teacher of English language and literature”.
Academic degree:      Master of linguistics  KSUCTA named after N.Isanov in 2012.
Main stages of labor activity:  Since 2005 –present
Senior teacher of English language at the department of "Computer
Linguistics and Intercultural Communication" INIT,  
KSUCTA named after N.Isanov.
Rewards: Certificate of honor INIT, KSUCTA 2017.
Certificate of honor of the State language under the President of
Kyrgyz Republic Bishkek, 2017.
Certificates: 11pcs.
2007 on February-May the English course on “Communicative Methodology” at school of English language Lingua.
2008  “Working out projects for grants”, “The basis of interactive teaching methods”, “ Bolonce process and credit system of education”, “Project management”.
“The system of distance learning”. 5-22.01.2011.
The first annual English Haiku workshop in Kyrgyzstan  September 2012
"Culture of Health Promotion and Prevention in Chinese Traditional Medicine and Pharmacology" Beijing, China 2013
“State, official and foreign languages in the research and development of information technology to the problems and prospects” Bishkek 2015
Diploma in communication English, IT and Networking Skills    New-Delhi, India January-February 2016
«Problems and prospects of introduction of information technologies in research and development of state, official and foreign languages» April 14-15 Bishkek, 2017
“Teacher's professional competence”  Bishkek, 2017
Publications: 3 articles.
Contact info: e-mail address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , office tel.: (0312) 54-56-66.