Kim Sung Soo

Kim Sung Soo

Basic education

Ph.D : Mar.2012 Tashkent University of IT, IT, Ph.D

M.A : Feb.1994, Kwangwoon University (Seoul), Computer Engineering, Master

B.A : Feb.1986, Kwangwoon University(Seoul), Electronic Communication Engineering, Bachelor

The main stages of work:

Feb.01.1987~ Aug.01.1992 : Sysone : Senior Computer Hardware Engineer

 Dec.01.1992 ~ April.30.1995 : Korea Open University : Teaching Assistant

 May.02.1995 ~ March.30.2000 : Samsung SDS: Senior Engineer

 April.02.2000~ July.30.2003 : Elim-Eud : Director of Techinical department

 Aug.2010 ~ Aug.2016 (4.5 years in this period) : National Research Foundation of Korea (in Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan) 

 Aug.07.2017 ~ Aug.06.2019 : National IT Industry Promotion Agence of Korea (in Kyrgyzstan)


Award of Samsung SDS (Samsung SDS Award, Dec, 1998) 

KUCSS (Korean University Council for Social Service, Feb.2011)

SCJP (SUN Certified Programmer for the Java,Dec.1998)


Article: Application of the controlling condition algorithm in intrusion detection and prevention systems : International Journal of Ubiquitous Computing and Internationalization (June 2009, ITIRC). 

2) Article: Crypto algorithm ISD DS based on parameter algebra : International Conference on IT Promotion in Asia 2009 (September 21-25, 2009, ETRI, ITIRC, TUIT) 


“Uz-Booyo 1.0”, Linux System, Uzbekistan, 2010

 "UzOvz" , Speech Recognition System, Uzbekistan, 2010

Main works:

Web technologies, OOP, e-Learning system, Speech Recogintion


Тел: Phone:0778-71-05-64

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