1Director of the Institute “New Information Technologies” KSUCTA n.a.N.Isanov, doctor of technical sciences.

Ukuev B.T. – is a leading specialist in the field of information science and technologies, experienced lecturer, skilled leader and talented manager in our Republic. He organized the Institute of New Information Technologies (INIT), which is established in 2000. Today INIT is a leading institute in preparing specialists on different directions of information technologies. The following specialties were opened due to his initiative in republic: “Applied information science”, “Information systems and technologies”, “Linguistics and new information technologies”, “Organization safety of information systems”, “Computer Linguistics” and others.
Under leadership professor of B.T.Ukuev created and successfully functioning: Kyrgyz-German faculty of informatics, Kyrgyz-French faculty of information-communicative technologies, Indo-Kyrgyz centre of information technologies, Educational and publishing center.Hepublishedabout 80 scientificandmethodicalworks,including6 tutorials, which approved by Minister of Education and Sciences of Kyrgyz Republic.
His name was awarded to the secondary school in village Jenish, Jeti-Oguz, Issyk-Kul region in 2007.
Educational background:
Sankt –Petersburg’s engineering-economic university - 1974,
Specialty: organization machine processing of economic information, qualification: ”Engineer-economist”
Scientific background:
Specialty: “Mathematical methods and applying of computingtechniques in the management”. PhD in economic sciences. Specialty: «Mathematic methods and applied computing techniques in controlling national economy and its branches».
Associated professor at the department of electronic calculating machines, Academician of the International Academy of Informatization, Academician of International academy of Pedagogical Educational Science.
He graduated and awarded his PhD from the postgraduate school at Sankt-Petersburg engineering-economic university in 1978.
1. Excellence in Public Education of Kyrgyz Republic in 1990.
2. Best scientific worker 2006 (Certificate of Honour)
3. Gold Medal and Certificate of  Honour of International fund “Ataturk” 2007.
4. Excellence of the trade union movement of education and science workers of Kyrgyz Republic 2007.
5. For significant contribution in the area of education in 2007 name B.Ukuev assigned for secondary school in village Jenish of the district Jeti-Oguz, region Issyk-Kul.
6. Order of Lomonosov of the National committee of public awards of RF 2008.
7. Certificate of Honour of Kyrgyz Republic 2010.
8.  Certificate of Honour of Bishkek city council 2010.
9.  Certificate of Honour of Bishkek city mayor  2011.
10. On the basis of INIT KSUCTA and under his participation and leadership were opened following structures of INIT:
11. Kyrgyz-German faculty of informatics (2003).
12. Kyrgyz-Indian center of information technologies (2007).
13. Kyrgyz-French faculty of information-communication technologies (2008).
14. Kyrgyz-Chinese educational center (2011).
Participated in different international activities and conferences in following countries:
Germany, USA, France, China, India, Spain, Austria, Russia, Mongolia and etc.

Language skills:
English with dictionary, programming systems and technologies professionally
1. Certificate of Kazakhstan Academy of quality.
2. He supervises masters’ and postgraduates’ research workers.
3. He has more than 80 scientific and methodical works including 6 tutorials under the Ministry of Education and Sciences of Kyrgyz Republic.
4. The main books (monographs and tutorials):
5. Ukuev B.T., Balafanov E.L. and etc. Information  technologies 30 lessons on informatics.TutorialAvangard, Bishkek 2007.
6.Kutuev M.D., Ukuev B.T., and etc. Information technologies in the structural mechanics
Avangard, Bishkek 2007.
7.Ukuev B.T., Karimbaev T.T., Kalybekuulu B. The basis of informatics.Tutorial.-AltynTamga.Bishkek 2009.