The Institute of New Information Technologies

1The Institute of New Information Technologies (INIT) was formed on the basis of the department of New Information Technologies of KACI.
( Directarate staff).
INIT is a leader in the area of processing, investigation and implementation of modern methods of education and innovative technologies into academic process.
Education activity of INIT is intended to form comfortable and safe conditions for education and others activities.
Classrooms are supplied with modern technologies. Also it has modern information-library complex with electronic books and methodical manuals, Centre of employment, Sport complex, comfortable hostel near the main university building, which organized for students’ convenience. 

INIT consists of:

  • Faculty of Information Technologies
  • Faculty of Applied Information
  • Kyrgyz-German faculty of Informatics
  • Kyrgyz-Indian faculty of Computer engineering
  • Indian-Kyrgyz centre of Information technologies
  • Kyrgyz-Chinese Educational centre
  • Academic-research centre of Linguistics and new information technologies(NAS KR)
  • Educational centre “Intellect”

There are 10 departments at INIT:

  • Information systems and technologies
  • Applied information (in different fields)
  • Intercultural communication and automated systems of translation (English, French, Chinese, German languages)
  • Computer linguistics  
  • Information systems’ security  
  • Applied mathematics and informatics
  • High mathematics
  • Mechanics
  • Physics
  • Physical training

Students educated on the following specialties:

Information systems and technologies
Applied informatics (in different fields)
Intercultural communication and automated systems of translation (English, French, Chinese, German languages)
Computer linguistics
Information systems’ security 
Applied mathematics and informatics
Engineering systems of agricultural water supply, irrigation and drainage
Informatics (projects)
Information and communication technologies
Informatics and computing techniques
The Institute is supplied with the modern laboratories and computer equipment. All computers are connected to the local net and to Internet.
It has sets of hardwires for conducting videoconferences and video lectures, which let us to hold lectures for students in any distance. Trial lectures of professors of Zwickau university (Germany) for students, which held at the university showed high effect of such form of education, also real possibility for our students to be and take part actively in lectures of abroad universities’ leading specialists in distance form of education.
On the basis contract about cooperation between West Saxony Government of FRG and Kyrgyzstan, also contract between universities Westsachsische Hoachschule Zwickau (FRG) and KSUCTA was opened Kyrgyz-German faculty of Informatics.
Contract about cooperation between KSUCTA and VIT University ( city Vellore, India) was signed in 2008, on its basis, Kyrgyz-Indian faculty of Informatics was opened to prepare bachelors of informatics on the VIT University’s program.

Signing contract about opening IKCIT         On the opening ceremony of Kyrgyz-French faculty

One of the main aims of these faculties – training students by agreed between universities’ programs and to give diplomas of two universities. 
Government of India granted   1 million USA dollars for the realization of projects on organizing Kyrgyz-Indian Centre of Information Technologies in 2006.
IKCIT conducts trainings for government employees, university teachers and students.   


The Academic-research centre “Linguistics and new information technologies” at NAS KR was organized as a result of cooperation between KSUCTA and  NAS KR in 2008.
INIT has a direct connection with universities of Germany, France, Austria, Check, South Korea, Russia, India
INIT is a member of Scientific and Educational Oganizations’ association “Siberian Opened University”, which consists of more than 40 universities of Sibera, Kazakhstan, Ural, Further East, Primorye.
Forming “Kyrgyz virtual university of UCTA” on educational net of Russian Open Portal, which consists of more than 100 universities members of Russia.
Representation of the Kyrgyz  Eurasian Open Institute was opened under INIT.
Famous abroad members-correspondents of National Academy of Sciences RF, International Academy of Informatization, Engineering Academy of KR, International Academy of Energy; 7 doctors of sciences and professors, more 34 Ph.D. in different fields of sciences, docents and about 110 lecturers work at the Institute. Young lecturers of Institute improve  their knowledge and education at different universities of Europe, USA, Russia, India, South Korea and other countries. Great attention is paid to studying of  abroad universities’ professor-teaching staff experience and its exchanging, preparation specialists in the area of information science, economics, management & others. To realize these activities,  every year INIT organizes and conducts many activities with  participation of leading professors, scientific researchers and specialists from universities and scientific centres of Germany, France, Korea, Japan, Austria and Australia. Abroad specialists are usually invited for reading lectures on special subjects and exchange with their experience.
High scientific potential of university and institute lets to prepare high qualified specialists on innovative directions of computer and information technologies on international standards level.
INIT provides scientific researches on Information and communication technologies’ direction. The sum financed for scientific-research works is: in 2005 – 65000som; in 2006 – 89 000 som; in 2007 - 300 000 som; in 2008-468 000 som; in 2009- 1,1 mln. som.
Under leader of academic IAI & EIA B.T. Ukuev organized three state budget themes on  scientific-research works: «Problems of working out and  introduction technologies of distanced learning system of education», financing State agency on science and intellectual property КR, «Working out and entering electronic systems of management  scientific-technical researches  in the frame  SC STR KR», «Development and implementation of ES in the management of STI NA CD». Also last 2007 year performed state budget theme on:  «Working out & development of the hydrogen rotary engine "under the leadership of the IAI Einstein Dr.V.N.Svidenko.The department OSIS work over scientific problems «Working out and implementation of information security program-hardware and software in the banking systems of Kyrgyz Republic " and  "Development of a unique system for studying information security in the field of Kyrgyz Republic.  The staff of the department «Mechanics» works on the project «Working out scientific basis reliability for the living construction”. “Intercultural communications and automated systems of translation” department staff worked last two years on “Studying, research and implementation of computer vocabulary into educational process” theme and achieved good results.
Electronic library was organized at INIT, where students have admission from this library to the libraries of developed countries’ university. Established connections with universities of Russia, allowed using their educational literature.
In order to accelerate publishing and reduction of cost for publishing educational materials, developed by the University was organized mini- publishing house "Avangard". Institute always develops training-methodical provision with new educational and methodical hand-outs, literatures. Great attention is paid to form inner world of students and bringing them up to the cultural heritage of the people of Kyrgyzstan. Students created a folk ensemble "Talents’ Academy", teaching and research laboratory "Theory and Practice of revival of folk music culture", where students study the skill of making and playing on traditional musical instruments. Collective “Talents’ Academy “was awarded with the title of National Ensemble. Students are engaged with different types of the sports at the recreation center "Leader" in their free time.

Recording studio "Golden Disk"

Our partners:  Union of Entrepreneurs of Kyrgyzstan (55organizations), Builders’ Union of Kyrgyzstan (47 organizations), Non-political organization (5000 organizations) Association of Software and developers of websites, Company "Megacom", Bishkek Business Club, Kyrgyz patent, Customs and tax inspections, commercial and state banks of KR.

INIT has its branches: "Academic-Research Center LNIT" at the Institute of language and literature n/a/ Ch, Aitmatov at the National Academy of Sciences KR, «Calculating techniques and means of automation», at the Water Inspection Department of Water Resources of the Kyrgyz Republic, at the Kyrgyz Research Institute of Irrigation, at the Institute of Seismology of  National Academy of Sciences, at the Institute of Rock Mechanics and Exploitation of Mineral Resources of National Academy of Sciences.

                                                                                           Responsible person:Cherikbaev M.