1Rasulov Akylbek Kerimbaevich
Acting head of Department "Fire safety", Institute of Innovative Professions Kyrgyz state University.N. Isanova
Born may 10, 1982 in Bishkek.
In 1999. graduated from the Bishkek architectural building College, Bishkek;
In 2004. he graduated from the Kyrgyz State University of construction transport and architecture, qualification "Engineer of fire safety", Bishkek;

In 2013, he graduated from the Academy of State fire service of EMERCOM of Russia, qualified as "Master - Technosphere safety", Moscow, Russian Federation.
He started his career in 2004, Group engineer for software and communications the Main office of the state fire service under EMERCOM of the Kyrgyz Republic. Once you've gone through service in various positions of the Agency of the state fire service under EMERCOM of the Kyrgyz Republic.
He took an active part processing, development of normative – legal acts regulating the activities of the State fire service of the Kyrgyz Republic.
In the period of the service has established close business relations with their counterparts and educational institutions fire-a technical profile of the countries of near and far abroad.
Participated in the international workshops on the program "Partnership for Peace" (2005, 2006, national University of defense named. Z. Miklos, Budapest, Hungarian Republic), the State educational program "Personnel twenty-first century" (2007. TATA Consultancy Services Ltd, new Delhi, India.), Emergency management (2011, National center for crisis management EMERCOM of Russia, Moscow, Russian Federation), participation in the 22 session of the General Assembly of the International civil defence organization (Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic) etc.
He took an active part in international scientific-practical and scientific conferences and he has published 7 scientific articles in the field of fire safety, including 1 co-authored, namely:
- "The history and development of GPS of the Kyrgyz Republic" international scientific-practical conference "Improvement of forecasting and management of natural disasters" in honor of the 10th anniversary of education of the Department of dento-facial system KRSU them. B. N. Yeltsin, 2016 Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic;
- "Organization of maintenance of fire safety" Scientific-practical conference in honor of the 70th anniversary of N. Isanova, 2013. Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic;
- "Organization of control and Supervisory functions in the field of security," 3rd International conference, 2013. Cherkassy, Ukraine;
- "Information retrieval system of monitoring guidance documents of bodies of State fire supervision" 2nd international scientific-practical conference of young scientists and specialists "Problems of technosphere safety – 2013", 2013. Moscow, Russian Federation.
- "On training specialists in of fire safety in Kyrgyzstan", the 20th international scientific and technical conference "safety Systems – 2011", 2011., Moscow, Russian Federation, etc.
Subjects and disciplines: Fire safety of electrical installations, Fire safety in construction, Buildings and structures, their stability in case of fire, Industrial and fire automatics.
Has the following awards:
- badge of the State fire service of the Kyrgyz Republic "Micky kyzmetkeri";
- medal of I, II degree "For distinction in military service";
- medal "85 years of the State fire service of the Kyrgyz Republic";
- medal "90 years of the State fire service of the Kyrgyz Republic";
- Honorary diploma of the Head of the Academy of State fire service of EMERCOM of Russia;
- Honorary diploma of the Main Department, Agency of the state fire service under the MES KR;
- "The best teacher of Kyrgyz state University. N. Of translation" (Diploma of the 2nd degree by the end of 2013-2014 academic year).

Work experience on a speciality: 12 years.
Contact: serv. tel: (0312) 65-87-07