The department  «Information-Communication Technologies and Radio Electronics»

In 2013 in September on the basis of department «The Software of computer systems and computer science» and «Radio electronics and telecommunications» the department «Information-Communication Technologies and Radio Electronics» has been created. Head of department PhD., the senior lecturer Talypov Kubatbek Kemelovich.
The department «Information-Communication Technologies and Radio Electronics» is letting out department of Institute of Innovative Professions KSUCTA of name N. Isanov. Also carries out preparation of experts in the field of computer science and computer facilities, and radio electronics, in particular, on a specialty «552801.04 – the Software of computer facilities and the automated systems» and «Household radio-electronic equipment». Since 2012 has begun preparation of bachelors on a specialty «Maintenance service of computer systems» and «Technical operation of the transport radio-electronic equipment» (in aviation, railway and motor transport). The set of entrants on the given specialties is begun in 2011 at the first stage in college IIP.

Now on institute department are trained about 300 students, training is spent by highly skilled experts, such as, winners of the State awards The Kirghiz Republics in the field of a science and technicians of the professor; PhD. Kamayev R.R., candidate of physics-mathematical sciences Orozaliev M.Dzh., the senior lecturer, ph.d. Tolbaev L.K., senior lecturers, candidate of physics-mathematical sciences: Kaparov A.S., Talypov K.K., Akkozov A.Dzh., Dushenbiev N.K., e.d. the senior lecturers: Dzhusupov A.M., Kurmanalieva T.Dj., Boronbaev M.K., seniors teachers: Davidov O.M., Nazaralieva A.T., Park G.B., Sulaimankulova N.M.,  teachers:  Tilenbaeva N.S., Chomokoeva K.D., Oskonbaev A.T. etc. (Staff of the department).
Now the department has audiences and the computer classes, the laboratories equipped with the software, the modern personal computers necessary for carrying out up to the mark of employment. There are workstations for processing of multimedia, and the stand on modeling Circuitry Computing systems on the computer. Are got educational-methodical literature, is created an electronic virtual database educational-methodical materials on disciplines of department. For the purpose of injection in the European standard of department training the  prepares experts in base higher vocational training (Bachelor degree) In a direction «Information communication technologies», are received licenses on Preparation on new specialties «Information management», «Innovations», «the Software and administration of information systems» and «information-building engineering».
Students of department pass various kinds an expert both within the precincts of native Institute and university, and in the leading organizations and firms of a profile direction, such as: Public information centre at the Administrative office of the President The Kirghiz Republics, Republican Radio television centre, The centre of new information technologies, the Main computer centre of Urban Statistics Committee, Information centre the Social Fund of KR, OPO «Kyrgyztelekom», the Republican production association of radio relay highways, TV and broadcasting, Institute of Physics NAS KR, with other organizations and the enterprises, including with the private.
For short term of existence of chair release more than 500 engineers of the software and a radio engineering profile which practically all are employed has already taken place and work at the various enterprises and the organizations of Kyrgyzstan and the near abroad countries.