«Estimation and management»

The Assessment and Management Department was organized In 1999 year. During existence Department has opened two new specialties: "Crisis Management" and "Expertise and management of real estate".
In order to improve the quality of training and improving of the content of educational programs the Department created Educational and Methodical Union (EMA) with the conditions of integration into the world educational space of the "Assessment and management of the property" and "Crisis Management" specialties and assigned to KSUCTA.
Department is one of the developers of the state educational standards of the specialties: 620008 "Assessment and management of the property," and 620007 "Crisis Management".
The educational process of the Department provides a highly qualified teaching staff, including 3 PhD.
The teaching staff of the Department was trained at leading universities of the United States, Hungary, Italy, Austria, Lithuania, Russia, and Kazakhstan. And qualifications on courses organized by international organizations such as the World Bank, ADB, EdNet, USAID, etc. The Department has PhD and master students.
Of special note is the involvement in the learning process of foreign experts. So over the years at the Department worked teachers from England, New Zealand, the Netherlands, Australia and other countries. In addition, 4 teachers are fluent in English.
For the series of lectures on special subjects invited the leading experts of government agencies such as the Committee for Management of State Property (GKI), Agency for Bank Reorganization and Debt Restructuring (DEBRA), the Agency for Financial Supervision, as well as directors of assessment private companies - All Star and Slavic East.
To improve the quality of education teachers use computers multimedia projector and digital library in teaching. This helps to improve teaching methods, creative participation of students in the education process.
Under the general scientific guidance of the Head of the Department Tologonova A.M. all members of the department are actively involved in the research work. The Department provides a state budget and contract-based research works, particular for the World Bank, State Register, Centre for Genetic and maintenance of state office buildings in the Office of the President of the Kyrgyz Republic.
The Department receives a grant-based technical assistance (financial calculators, LCD projector) and academic books.
At the Department held scientific conferences and seminars. During the last 5 years at the Department published more than 60 scientific articles in the center and the international press. Important role in the activity of the Department is working on tutorials and academic books of the issued specialties, which, after the publication becomes the base for students and also for banks’ professionals and government agencies.
Bologna process is currently the main mechanism of the reforms at higher education in Europe and integration initiatives. Kyrgyz State University of Construction, Transport and Architecture was part of that process among eleven universities of Kyrgyzstan. Within the project Department participated in the development of management programs. The project results were presented at the International Scientific Conference "Bologna process and higher education in Kyrgyzstan: prerequisites for the formation of a single educational space", which was held on October 16-17 in Bishkek. Management program presented by KSUCTA was recognized as one of the best.
From 2012 started training of bachelors in a new specialty "Land and
inventories" by the request of the Department of Registration of Real Estate. The program aims to prepare the cadastral engineer - Executive cadastral works. Result of cadastral works use planning are landmark plan, technical plan and certificate of inspection.
Per 2016 faculty «Estimation and management» is transformed on faculty «Economy and a cadaster».
Since 2014 the faculty carries out preparation on the following magistrate to programs in directions:
1.    « Land management and cadaster»:
- A cadaster of the real estate;
- An estimation and monitoring of the grounds;
-management of the real estate.
2.    "Economic":
- An estimation and management of the property.
3.    "Construction":
- Surveying, the system analysis and management land-property complex;
- Judicial building-technical and cost examinations of objects of the real estate;
- Development and examination in investment-building and operational activity.