College Institute of Innovation Professions

College Institute of Innovation Professions was established in 2011. College IIP (Institute of Innovation Professions) trains specialists in the following specialties:
- "Economics and Accounting (according to industry)," producing department "Assessment and Management", head of the department, Ph.D., Associate Professor Tologonova A.M;
- "Maintenance of Transport and Radioelectronic equipment (by its mode)" out department "Radioelectronics and Telecommunications", head of the Department,  Dzhusupov A.M;
- "Maintenance of computer hardware and computer networks", producing department, "Software Engineering and Computer Science", head of the department Ph.D., Associate Professor Talypov K.K;
- "Design", specialization "Environmental Design", "Graphic Design", "Costume Design" ,”The Design" department’s head the Ph.D, Associate Professor Kydyrov B.J.
IIP college trains specialists in the professional educational training programs in accordance with state educational standards.
College students are young men and women aged from 15 to 30 years. Selected on a competitive basis by the test results, they are trained by the team of experienced, talented teachers, and, depending on the chosen specialty, receive a state diploma qualifications.
Advantages of College IIP:
• The College has a license to conduct educational activities;
• College graduates receive a state diploma of secondary professional education that provides complete secondary education;
• Graduates of our college have an opportunity to enroll in higher education institutions, in the shorted program of study;
• Classes are conducted by highly qualified teachers, many of them have scientific degrees;
• College Students are provided by a deferment from military service.
Course duration:






     Based on
grade 11

    Based on
grade 9



Economics and Accounting (according to industry)


1 year 10 months

2 years 10 months



Design (according to industry)


2 years 10 months

3 years 10 months


Maintenance of computer hardware and computer


2 years 10 months

3 years 10 months


Maintenance of Transport
Electronic equipment (by its mode)


2 years 10 months

3 years 10 moths

     The educational process is carried out by the college and university teachers. Among them are professors with Ph.D. degree and candidates for Ph.D. of sciences, as well as teachers of the highest category.
Training programs are based not only on sharing information, but also on are designed for different levels of perception.
There is College preparatory course work. Trainings in the disciplines of the Russian language, foreign language, mathematics, physics, computer science, and economics are provided.