Dzhusupov Asker Musayevich

Education, graduation year, specialty: In 1976 graduated from the Ryazan radio engineering institute, faculty of designing and production of radio equipment. Specialty: "Design engineer of radio equipment" Specialization: "Design engineer". Length of service: 34 years.  Work experience: 1976 to 1980 design engineer at the instrument-making plant. 1980 FPI, KACI, KGUCTA as a senior engineer at the department of general physics, then at the same department as a  junior researcher, the leading engineer, the senior research associate and account man on contractual subjects. In December, 1985 entered to postgraduate study of FPI which finished in December 1988. In 1995 appointed as the head of department of TSO and in 1996 became   senior teacher of the physics department.1997 and next years was chosen as a senior teacher of physics department. Since September, 2008 it is transferred to IIP acting as an associate professor at the department of radio electronics and telecommunication, and since November, 2009 appointed as the head of the same department.  In 2012 was chosen on the competition to a position of the associate professor and the head of the department "Radio electronics and telecommunications". He has more than 20 publications and from them 2 manuals under signature stamp of the МESKR.
Contact information: e-mails: mail.ru3591jam. tel: (0312) 65-07-42