Acting Associate Professor of Department. Mechanic KSUCTA
Born: 5marta 1946.
Education: technical; BAR, Architecture - Building f., Specialization: Industrial and civil construction (CBC), 1974.
He graduated from the graduate school of the Division of earthquake-resistant buildings TsNIISK. Kucherenko, Moscow, 1984.
Qualifications: Civil engineer.
Title: Acting lecturer, specialty "Stroitelsvo", 2011.
Seniority: general labor ─ 38y.o., scientific - pedagogical ─ 36y.o. in KSUCTA ─ 36y.o..
Courses: 1) LISI, School of Advanced Studies (FPK) teachers of the higher education institutions. 15.02. ─ 15.06.1977, Leningrad.
2) University of pedagogical knowledge FPI, the course "Fundamentals of pedagogy and psychology of higher education" in the 1986/87 academic. Mr.
3) National Intercollegiate Computing Centre (RMVTS) 1987.
Research areas: Building construction, stoitelnaya mechanics.
The number of scientific papers: 1 manual 17 nat. Pec. l., 6 scientific articles.
 Awards: Honorary Diploma INIT KSUCTA them. N.Isanova, 2010.
Contacts: rt 560-779, DT 344-630.