Education :  Higher education, Mathematician, K.S.U. named after 50 yrs of the USSR, 1974.
Background: Engineer, Field- Applied Mechanics.
Education: Studied at Frunze Polytechnical Institution, Engineer –Investigator- 1972 year.
Scientific Degree:  PH Degree in physics and Mathematics sciences  (01.02.05-Меchanics of liquids, gas and plazma).
State awards including Awards from the Ministry and Department:  Leadership of the trade union’s movement of the education and science of the Kyrgyz Republic, High awards in the educational field of the Kyrgyz Republic.
Work experience: 1984 –until present time - Frunze Polytechnical Institution (FPI), KCUSTA named after N.Isanov.
Position: The chairman of the united trade union Committee of KCUSTA, Ph. Degree at Mecahnics Dept.
Scientific works:  I have more than 60 published scientific, scientific and methodology works.
Scientific and investigation activity:  The investigations are devoted to finding a solution of non-linear objectives of intrusion of hard substances into squeezing liquid and defraction of striking waves and their interaction  with obstacles.
Contact details: 56-07-79