1Kutuev Muhanmedi Dadievich

Head of the Department "Mechanics", Professor, Academician of the Kyrgyz news agency, honored worker of the KR
Born: February 13, 1948
Education: Graduated from secondary school. Dzhetioguzskogo Barskoon village of Issyk-Kul region, with a gold medal. Studied DCF-KHISI Engineer Research 1972 National Contest Winner of student research.
Degree: Doctor of Science, specialty 05.23.17, structural mechanics, 01/02/04 mechanical solid deformable body
Title: Professor
Thesis through post-graduate: 1975-1978 he studied at the postgraduate course "Structural Mechanics" in the DRF-NIIZhB In 1980 he defended his thesis in IISS them. VV Kuibyshev (Moscow), PhD in 1993 in the National Academy of Sciences (Almaty). Of the profession is the first PhD in the Kyrgyz Republic.
State awards, including awards ministries and departments: Excellence in Education CD (1995, 2000.), Awarded a certificate for his achievements in the Ministry of Education and Science (jury chairman for five years in National Contest in mechanics), Honored Worker of Education and Science (2004 ), voted as best Professor of KSUCTA named after N.Isanov for 2013 year.


1. Member of the Scientific Council of the Institute of new information technologies (INIT).

2. Member of Scientific Council of the Kyrgyz State University of construction, transportation and architecture.

3. Deputy. The Chairman of the specialized scientific Council on 01.12.005 subjects:

a) structural mechanics (05.23.17)

b) mechanics of deformable solids (01.02.04)

с) fluid dynamics (01.02.05)

4. Member of the specialized scientific Council on 05.10.410 subjects:

a)-05.23.07 hydrotechnical construction

b) 05.23.05-building construction

с) 05.23.20-theory and history of architecture.

5. Member, scientific and technical Council of the Engineering Academy of the Kyrgyz Republic

6. Member of the scientific councils of the INIT and KSUCTA

International and national projects (post them): Expert NAC KyrPatent expert, an expert of international projects in the State Committee on Science, since 1975. Head of state contractual works with construction enterprises Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan (Dzhambul and Frunze DSC), since 2005. The head of state projects, "earthquake engineering, protection of buildings and structures from natural and man-made disasters", line 5: "Development of scientific bases of seismic stability and reliability for residential and hydraulic engineering", Member of the Specialized Council for PhD, doctoral theses of the Central Asia and Kazakhstan (expert, official opponent, the head). From 1975 to 2012, actively participated in the preparation of more than 90 candidates and doctors in five specialties.
Experience of work in other countries: Work experience in years in graduate school as a research assistant (CNIISK, NIIZhB).
Languages ​​and PK English translate with a dictionary. PC running as a user.
In the Kiev Civil Engineering Institute (Kiev);
Scientific-Research Institute of Concrete Structures (Moscow);
Moscow Engineering and Construction Institute (IISS, Moscow);
Institute of Mechanical Engineering, National Academy of Sciences of the Kazakh Republic (Almaty)
Institute of Mechanics and Seismic Stability of them. N.Urazbaeva (Tashkent);
Certificate of theoretical training course "Internal audit of quality management" of the International Academy for Quality;
OBSE certificate in educational programs "Nature";
Certificate "Designing state educational standards and educational programs of higher education on the basis of competence approach" PF Academy of Higher Education Teach Ex;
An author of training programs for graduate students and mechanics (75 hours).
The management and production of highly qualified masters, and Ph.D.: Head of undergraduates, graduate students and doctoral candidates. Under his leadership, protection 12 undergraduates in the field of "Environmental Engineering", 5 Masters of Information Technology with specialization in "Database", 10 candidates in the specialty "Structural Mechanics" and "Fracture Mechanics." Director and founder of the scientific school of structural mechanics which engaged many masters, aspirates and applicants.
The number of scientific and methodological publications: Currently has more than 250 scientific and methodical publications.
Books (monographs) of the author 12 books, including 5 monographs and 5 textbooks in Russian, 2 books in the Kyrgyz language approved by the Ministry.
Contacts: 56-07-79

The monograph discusses the basic principles on the use of information technologies in the problems of mechanics. Are classes of tasks of building mechanics that have practical value and that effective use of modern information technologies..

The paper discusses the theoretical and practical measures for the seismic protection of construction and hydraulic engineering structures in light of modern requirements.


This book discusses topics in theoretical mechanics, structural mechanics and materials.
Is intended for the students of higher technical students, master's students, engineers and teachers.

In this book are set, test materials, and examples for building mechanics.
Is intended for the students of higher technical students, master's students, engineers and teachers.

Describes features and evolution of methods of calculation of some structures, as well as heuristic engineering and scientific creativity. Designed for graduate students, undergraduates, graduate students, engineers, practitioners.

This book includes theoretical mechanics, strength of materials, structural mechanics, training instructions that are included in the science of mechanics. 
Designed for graduate students, undergraduates, graduate students, engineers, practitioners.

The manual outlines the basic provisions of thermal protection in a climate of Kyrgyzstan. Analyzed the main climatic zones of the country. Data is entered in the calculation, taking into account the latest developments of the SNIP and SP of the Kyrgyz Republic establishes requirements for thermal protection of buildings in order to save energy while ensuring a hygienic and optimum parameters of microclimate of premises and durability of enclosing structures of buildings and structures. Grant brings together the main sections of the building physics of heat engineering calculation of frame structures for both winter and summer operation conditions of the building, as well as the calculation of the humidity condition of enclosures.
Intended testers with the students, masters and post-graduates of higher engineering education institutions and colleges, as well as for training in the system of retraining and improvement of professional skill.

In this methodological book discusses the principle of design of multi-storey buildings and the seismic resistance of approximate methods of calculation of low-rise buildings in terms of the CD. 
Intended for researchers, engineers, students of architecture and construction.

Provides methods for building and other structures. Is designed for students of all forms of learning and specialties, including offsite.