Education: Faculty of Transport and Mechanical Engineering Kyrgyz Technical University. I. Razzakov 2004. Qualification Engineer in Applied Mechanics.
Academic degree:Candidate of Technical Sciences
PhD thesis: Design and creation jack hammer with тwocrank-crawler mechanism  of the variable structure with air pillow, 2012.
Academic rank: Senior Researcher in "Theory of mechanisms and machines" 2015.
Work experience: general labor - 21 years, scientific and pedagogical - 14 years, in KSUCTA - 11 years.
Position: assistant professor, Department of "Mechanics"
Languages and PC: English, Turkish I can read and explain, Russian fluent, MS Office application, AutoCad, CorelDraw, MathCad, SolidWorks
Advanced training: Certificates Engineering and pedagogical training center KSUCTA  N.Isanov.
Number of scientific publications: over 30 scientific and methodical works
The development design of jack hammer with тwocrank-crawler mechanism  of the variable structure with air pillow.
The development design of training device variable thrust the extra load.
Contact information: tel.: (0555) 713059; E-mail:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The problems of Double-crank-slider mechanism of variable structure with an air bag in drum machines as a drive mechanism for an actuator. Developed engineering method for calculating the main parameters of a pneumatic hammer, given the principles of construction of the generalized mathematical model. The results of theoretical and experimental studies of dynamic system loads.
The research results can be used to create drum machines with variable structure mechanisms, as well as a textbook for students of engineering specialties universities.