«Chemistry, Personal and Social Safety» department

(Ecology and Power savings institute)

The chair has been created in 1992 on the basis of chair "Chemistry" FPI. On chair are studied inorganic, analytical, organic, physical colloidal chemistry, physical – chemical methods of the analysis, the concept of modern natural sciences, and also attached since 2005 to chair discipline « Health and safety ». Staff of the department
The course of chemistry and course Health and safety has all-important value in general the engineering and scientific preparation of students almost all specialities. Without knowledge of chemistry the decision of ecological, raw and power problems which face mankind is impossible. Especially it is necessary to underline value of chemistry for engineers of building specialities as all building materials are products of the chemical industry.
The subject matter "Health and safety" is obligatory general the professional discipline in which the subjects of safe interaction of the person with Wednesday (industrial, household, city, natural are considered) and questions of protection of the population from negative factors of emergency situations are solved. Studying of discipline at students reaches representation formation about indissoluble unity of effective professional work with requirements to safety and security of the person. Realization of these requirements guarantees preservation of working capacity and health of the person, and also his life and prepares it for the most expedient actions in extreme conditions.
The chair is completed by qualified personnel. Chair staff consists of 9 persons, including 4 Cand.Chem.Sci. two from which are honourable professors KSUCTA named after N.ISANOV, and 2 masters.
By employees of chair are developed and published about 40 methodical grants at different courses of chemistry, and also on Health and safety.
The scientific direction of chair is connected with a problem of synthesis of materials with the set properties, creation of sorbents from secondary raw materials. Results of works are published in scientific magazines of Kyrgyzstan and abroad.
Educational – methodical work is devoted mainly to working out of methodical maintenance teach to disciplines, perfection of a technique of teaching according to modern requirements – application of computer technics and a foreign language in educational process.
On base chair there are three completed laboratories where on a concrete experimental material students get acquainted with substantive provisions and laws of chemistry and get skills for the further independent experimental work.
Managing chair – the honored worker of national education КР professor Ryskulbekova Roza Musaevna, the graduate of the Moscow State University, has about 80 scientific publications, two monographies.