Department "Arts and Crafts and Art" is a structural educational and methodical and scientific division engaged learning, teaching and research activities, extracurricular activities among students in two areas: easel painting, mural painting. The department has received a license to conduct educational activities.
Department "DPIiZh" was created in 1996 with the Faculty of Architecture KASI.
Currently, the department is part of the School of Architecture and Design KSUCTA and trains specialists in the field of easel and monumental painting, as well as specialty services all IBP.
Students are given the opportunity to study in detail the domestic and foreign art with the development of the course "drawing", "painting", "composition" (Teaching staff).

Over the past 6 years, the department has made 4 issues, released 10 specialists. Of these, seven people were qualified - artist painter (easel painting), the third person - artist painter (mural painting).
The department brings together faculty, which is formed of the most experienced practitioners who have a degree and experience in pedagogical work.
All activities are carried out by 11 teachers (3 professors, 3 associate professors, 4 tbsp. Teacher, 1 teacher). The department has three part-time (1 professor, 1 associate professor, 1 tbsp. Teacher).
A large role in the training of our personnel have related department of the Kazakh National Academy of Arts. T.Zhurgenov, IZhSiA them. Ilya Repin, MGHI them. Surikov.
Currently, the department cooperates with said Russian universities in training and in a methodical equipment.
It should be noted help the St. Petersburg IZhSiA them IERepin professor Vetrogonsky VA

The main achievement

Teachers of the department are more creative work, participate in international and national exhibitions, including solo shows performed.
Many teachers are winners and winners of art competitions.
Shygaev YA - Professor, held 35 solo exhibitions, a member of 90 international, all-Union, republican exhibitions.
For the activity in 2002. won the International Fund «Art Silk Road» «In vivo recognition for creative achievement."
2003. - Is an academician of the International Academy of Aitmatov.
Creative merits Shygaeva YA state awards: 1998 - awarded the title "Honored Worker of Culture of the Kyrgyz Republic", in 2000 was awarded the State Prize. Toktogul
In 2005 he was awarded the honorary title "People's Artist of the Kyrgyz Republic."
ST Torobekov - Professor, "People's Artist of the Kyrgyz Republic", a member of many international, national, personal exhibitions. Created over thousands of works of art, the best of which are purchased and are in museums and galleries around the world.
Orozmat KO - Professor, "Honored Worker of Culture of the Kyrgyz Republic", a member of many international, national, personal exhibitions. Is an expert monumental painting at the architectural department.
In 2005 he was made the monumental decoration of the hall airport "Manas" on "Kyrgyzstan and Peace" sgraffito technique. "
Musakeev TM - Associate Professor, "Honored Worker of Culture of the Kyrgyz Republic." He has made a significant contribution to the book drawing and painting, was a frequent participant-Union, republican and international exhibitions. In his book illustrations produced by the National Kyrgyz suit, album in Turkey in 2004 and in Italy (Milan 2006).
Kuchmuratov II - Associate Professor, participated in many international, national, personal exhibitions.
Omurov UO - Associate Professor, participated in many international and national. solo exhibitions.
BA ditches - Art. teacher, a member of the international, national, personal exhibitions. Repeatedly awarded diplomas SH Kyrgyzstan, Osh Mayor's Office, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kyrgyz Republic.
Carrying out research work of the department as a whole is determined by the participation at international, national, as well as solo shows direct involvement of students.
In recent years the students took part in the international exhibition trienalle Istanbul Marmara University.
The guys showed a high level of preparedness. Their submitted works were awarded and cataloged.
At the department include the system implementation and improvement of the quality of student learning. As a result, students are actively participating in international exhibitions.
In November 2006, the students of the 1st and 5th year students of painting took part in the international exhibition "Shabyt" (Inspiration), which was held in Astana (Kazakhstan).
Students Kolesnikov and T. Bokoev took first place for their submitted work.
In 2009, the students of the department participated in the national exhibition dedicated to the 80th anniversary of Aitmatov and in the spring Republican show.