PhD in Architecture, Associate Professor of "Architecture" Kyrgyz State University of Construction, Transport and Architecture.
Volichenko Olga (born 1963) graduated from the Faculty of Architecture BAR (now KSUCTA) in 1986 with the qualification of "architect". Since 1986, the start of practice in design institute "Kirghiz agromprom farm project" in "architectural studio" as an architect. On the rights of the author and co-creative teams participated in the design of administrative and public buildings in rural settlements of the Kyrgyz Republic.
In 1991 he was training for faculty training at the Moscow Architectural Institute. Since that time, began to engage in research work in the field of architecture and tourism.In 1995 he went to work at the department BAST "Architecture" teacher on special subjects. Since 1996 he has been a member of the Union of Architects of the Kyrgyz Republic. In 2003 graduated with honors with a degree KSUCTA "Business Management" specialization "Management in the tourism and hotel industry."
Since 2005 he has worked in the department of "Architecture" as art. teacher. Since 2007 has served as Assistant Professor of "Architecture". In December 2007, she defended her thesis on the topic: "The role of historical and architectural monuments in the formation of the tourist infrastructure" in the specialty 18.00.01 - theory and history of architecture, restoration and reconstruction of historical and architectural heritage. In March 2010, she was awarded the academic title of associate professor in the specialty "Architecture".
Participated in scientific conferences held in Almaty, in Osh and Bishkek. Illustrative and graphic material dissertation on display at an international exhibition in Florence (Italy) "The Great Silk Road - the architecture of Kyrgyzstan." He has a number of foreign publications on various aspects of architecture, the participant of national and international competitions. Developed gosudarstvennyystandart Bachelor and Master of Architecture CD, manuals and tutorials. Under her leadership, 10 graduate students were awarded prizes at the show of the best graduation projects.
At present its range of research related to the problems of architecture of palaces, with the currents of modern foreign architecture, history of architecture and urban development in Central Asia. Since 2007, studies the evolution of the forms in the architecture of Central Asia and Kyrgyzstan.
Volichenko OV published in the press about 50 scientific and methodical works. She has written six monographs, 2 teaching aids, 21 scientific articles and 18 practice guidelines for the implementation of the course and diploma projects, as well as practical training in the specialty "Architecture". And 14 scientific articles and 11 methodical manuals written after defending his doctoral dissertation.
KT architect. OV Volichenko providing all kinds of classes and lectures at the highest professional level in the core disciplines. Educational materials on the subjects taught meet government standard specialty exhaustively the content using modern scientific and theoretical developments in the field of architecture and logically complete. Teaching methodology courses meet all the demands of training courses in the modern school.According to the results of the International Scientific-Practical Conference on "The New architectural image of Central Asia", held in 2012 Volichenko OV won the Grand Prix and Gold Medal of the Union of Architects of the CD for the book "the mainstream of modern architecture XXI Century" and "Contemporary Architecture of Central Asia. " She was awarded the diploma of the first degree for the book "The Philosophy of architectural form" second degree and diploma for the book "Architectural coloring." She was awarded the diploma of the first degree for the report "Impact of mainstream Western avant-garde architecture in Central Asia."