Professor, Doctor of Architecture, in 1983, the chair of "Architecture" and Professor of the Kyrgyz-Russian Slavic University and Kazakh Leading Academy of Architecture and Construction.        

Multiple winner of international, regional, national and other architectural competitions. Under the leadership of young architects D.Omuralieva Kyrgyzstan awarded 24 diplomas USSR Union of Architects. In 1997 he was awarded the Grand Prix and Gold Medal of the International Union of Architects Association (MASA), in 2002 - the Grand Prix and Gold Medal of the Union of Architects of the CD.He has more than 200 scientific papers, architectural projects and buildings.In 1993, a collection of works in the field of national architecture D.Omuraliev was elected a corresponding member, and in 1999, academician of the International Academy of Architecture of the East. Written ten books, one of them is "The Architecture of Ancient Kyrgyzstan" at 12 international-competition (MASA) is recognized as the "Best Architecture Book" of the CIS in 2004.

Published the following monographs and textbooks, "Architectural History of Kyrgyzstan" (2005), "History of Urban Development of Kyrgyzstan" (2005), "Methods and Techniques of architectural analysis" (2003), "Modern etnoarhitektura Kyrgyzstan (sources, objects, trends) "(2003)," Theoretical and practical training of the architect "(1999)," The Architecture of Jean Kurulush boyuncha terminderdin kyrgyzcha - oruscha sөzdүgү "(2006)," Paradigms of architectural space (evolution of architecture in Kyrgyzstan "(2007 g) "Contemporary Architecture in Central Asia" (2012), etc.Under the leadership of D.Omuralieva reserved four theses. From 1993-1997. D.Omuraliev was President of the Union of Architects of the CD.        

He is the author of the historical-memorial complex "Manas Aiyly" in Bishkek and "Manas Ordosu" in Talas, a residential complex "Ak-Orgo", "tourist zone Kurumdy" etc.        

Presidential Decree awarded the 1995 medal "Manas", in 1995, awarded the "Excellence in Education of the Kyrgyz Republic", in 2004 he was awarded a "Certificate of Merit" of the President of the Kyrgyz Republic, "Certificate of Merit" of the State Committee for Architecture and Construction