Moldalieva Nazgul Amankulovna

Senior teacher
1993у Graduated from Kyrgyz state pedagogical University named after  I. Arabaev, “Teacher of elementary school”
3.The second high education
4.Graduated from Academy education “Teacher of  Kyrgyz Language and Literature”  2002-2003.
Occupation or position held: The teacher of KSUCTA named after N. Isanov
Work experience: 19 years
From 1994 KSUCTA in position of Laboratory assistant, teacher,  senior teacher.                                    
Publication: Methodical workouts-6
Awards with
Awards:Honorary diploma by Kyrgyz state Language committee at President of Kyrgyz republic
Name and type of 1. Supplement Skill in computer by direction “The system of distance
organization  educationKSUCTA named after N. Isanov, 2010              
providing education    2. Interactive teaching in condition of high school Kyrgyz statand training: university named after I. Arabaev, 2007                                              
3. The new teaching experiences of Kyrgyz Language
4. Improvement course for Kyrgyz Language teachers who works at  the  universities  with  Russian Language teaching.