Karybekova Mairam Karybekovna


Candidate of Philology

Position:head of the Department (2019)

education:1979 -1984 FPIRLL,philology faculty.

Work activity:1985-1990 Worked in Naryn, at the secondary school Dostuk as the teacher of Russian and the literature.
1990-1992:Karakol, secondary school №14, the teacher of the Kyrgyz language in Russian classes;
Since 1992 nowdays works as the senior teacher of the department of Kyrgyz language KSUCTA.
Length of service: general-31, scientific and pedagogical 24.
Language skills: The Kirghiz, Russian, English languages (with dictionary)                                                                                                                        
Methodical grants: 6
Scientific articles: 13
Additional information: Course certificate "Engineering pedagogics"