Borsunbayeva Zuurabubu Esenbayevna

Senior teacher
education:1982-87уу.philology faculty Name 50летия USSR KGU    
Labor activity: 1982-1987yy. In 1982 enters the university an USSR lithium name 50 on philology faculty. In 1987 finishes internal office of university with honors.
1987-1992 livejournals. In 1987 the Edging, from 1988 to 1992 – at high school No. 68 of the city of Frunze works as the teacher of the Kirghiz language and literature at high school of a name of K.Zhakypov of the city.
 With 1992y senior teacher of chair of the Kirghiz language KSUCTA of N. Isanov.
Length of service: 33, scientific and pedagogical 30.
Language skills: The Kirghiz, Russian, English languages (with the dictionary)                                                                                                                        
Methodical development:8
Scientific works:2
Additional information: Course certificate "Engineering pedagogics"
«The Honorary Diploma of the Commision of state Language of Prezident Kyrgyz Repaiblye», The Honorary Diploma ofKyrgyz State Universiti of Construction Transport and Architecture»