Zholdoshbayeva Kadycha Mamataliyevna

Senior teacher
Education:higher, philology faculty the Michurinsk 1982-87у.                                                                                         
Labor activity: 1980-1982 the clerk at school
«Өзгөрүш» Soviet area.
1982-1987gg. MGPI
1987-1989. The teacher of Russian and literature at JSC Zhar school, the Uzgensky area
Since a 1989- Frunze polytechnical institute, chair of the Kirghiz language.
1992-yearSenior teacher of chair of the Kirghiz languageKGUSTA of N. Isanov.
Length of service: 32, scientific and pedagogical 32.
Language skills: The Kirghiz, Russian, English languages (with the dictionary)                                                                                         
Methodical development:2 methodical instructions
Scientific works:1scientific articles
The additionalinformation: Course certificate "Engineering pedagogics"