Shamshieva Mahabat Salymbekova

PhD Degree Philology Science.
education:High 1991-95yy. philology faculty KWPI by B. Mayakovsky, Kyrgyz Woman Pedagogikal Institute
Work activity:
1996-1997y. ofteacher of the Kyrghyz language and literature school №57, Bishkek.
1998-2000y. school Samat and school Ak-Tilek, region Leilek, from 2002y. KCUSTA by N.Isanova
Work a period:15pedagogical of science-10
Language skills: Kyrghyz, Russian, English languages (with dictionary)                                                                                                                        
Systematic work:3
Science of work: 11scientific articles
Awards:Honorary diploma " at President КР on state, Honorary Diploma of “Manas” Youth Society