Jumakadyrova Karlygach Mambetjumaevna

PhD Degree Philology Science, the chief of the  Department Kyrgyz language;
Education: higher, philology faculty K. TynystanovIssyk-KulState University, 1995-2000y.
2000-2003y.National Academy of Science of Kyrgyz Republic.
Work experience:2003-2006 International School “Silk Road”, teacher of Kyrgyz Language.
2005- Scientific dissertation on the theme of “Poetical research of Sooronbai Jusuev”
2006- Center of Manas teaching and Artistic Culture of National Academy of Science, senior staff scientist, also the executive of principal scientist in Academy of Education of Kyrgyz Republic.
2007-chief of journalist department in MakhmudKashgari-BarskaniEastern University.
Held occupation: From 2006-to present is the executive of docent in N.Isanov KSUCTA.
Length of service:general-15 years, scientific and pedagogical-12 years
Language skills:The Kyrgyz, Russian, Turkish, English languages  (withdictionary)                                                                                                                        
Scientific publications:1monograph, 30 scientific articles,
Methodical workbooks:at the moment it was recommended 2 teaching aids. It was prepared 2 teaching aids and a methodical tutorial aid.
Additional information:8 certifications, the member of Writers Union in Kyrgyz Republic.
Awards: Honorary Diploma “ ofMakhmudKashgari-Barskani Eastern University”, Honorary Diploma of “Manas” Youth Society.
E-Mail: karlygach This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .