1 Kuvaibekova Nargiza Avtandilovna
Lecturer of Department "Fire safety", Institute of Innovative Professions.
Born 6 may 1991 in Bishkek.
In 2009 graduated from school-gymnasium № 1 named after L. N. Tolstoy Balykchy and entered the Kyrgyz State University of construction transport and architecture named. N. Isanova, qualification "Engineer of fire safety";
In 2014 he graduated from the above UNIVERSITY.
She began her career in 2010 as a student of Kyrgyz state University. N. Translation in the following positions: music operator, projectionist and designer of the Youth center Kyrgyz state University. N. Isanova.
During this period, it has received numerous diplomas and certificates: Diploma for the successful participation in the International educational area "Spring F. R. E. S. H. -2012" Ekaterinburg Association of student organizations of universities of SCO member States; -the Diplomas of different degrees Kyrgyz state University. N. Isanova in the festival-contest "With a song of life-2010" -Certificate awarded scholarships in the names of Nasirdin translation Fund N. Translation for the best results in training , scientific research activities and active participation in public life of the University. -Diploma of the soloist, in LX city student art festival "Spring of Bishkek-2011" modern dance Studio Kyrgyz state University. N. Translation of "Move your body" - 2012 for indications of an active position among young people and active participation in public life of the University.
In 2015 called to service in the GPS of the Kyrgyz Republic at the post of duty on the shift where he took an active part in public life, and has the following awards:
-The diploma of 1 degree, a gold medal running the 100m and the 2nd degree diploma, a silver medal in the game "Darts" among the public authorities of the Kyrgyz Republic. - Diploma in project "Kyrgyzstan –Yyc mecanim" for raising the prestige of service in law enforcement agencies and law enforcement, morale and active participation in the project "Serve the Motherland".
In December 2015 appointed to the position of teacher of special disciplines of the Department of Fire safety of the IIP KSUCTA.
-Participated in the 22nd session of the General Assembly of the international civil defence organization. --Developed a program of professional practice in the specialty 760001- "Fire safety" in the position of inspector of State fire supervision. --Certificate in International scientific-practical conference "Improvement of forecasting and management of natural disasters".
-Prepared students for the competition dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the State fire service of the Kyrgyz Republic, where he was awarded the Diploma of 1st degree in the nomination "folk dance" and a diploma of the 3rd degree team of the Department of Fire safety.
The subjects taught and subjects: Modern foreign technology, Porownywania, the Theoretical basis of heat engineering, Economics PB.