For improvement of quality of training of students of 1-5 courses of "Accounting and Audit" chair, increase of level of their qualification, and also development and further improvement of mutually beneficial cooperation with use of experience of specialists of the enterprises and the organizations in training, use of scientific capacity of "Accounting and Audit" KCUSTA chair in practical researches is created branches.
Branches of chair carry out works with students of 1-5 courses recommended by BUA chair and having tendencies to the scientific and analytical and project work.
The teaching structure of chair creates all conditions for high-quality passing technical and economic, production and externships of students on the basis of available branches.
Thematic plans of carrying out by specialists of the enterprises, establishments, the organizations of lectures and excursions, and also plans of the organization of studies on the basis of practice are developed and coordinated with the enterprises, the organizations.
Render to employees of the enterprises, establishments, the organizations - heads of work practice of students, the methodical help in the organization of carrying out practice.



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