Senior lecturer of «Management and Business» department
Chomoeva Jyldyz Borubaevna graduated with honors  the Kyrgyz State University of Construction, Transport and Architecture named by N. Isanova in 2004.   "Evaluation and management of the property." She has a qualification "Specialist Assessment."
Her  teaching career began in 2004 at the Department of "Evaluation and Management" as a trainee teacher. While  working on this chair she reading lecture courses and practical training in the following disciplines: "Evaluation of property", "Estimation of the ground", "Intangible assets", "Cash flows in the valuation and investment", "Financial and investment analysis of real estate" . She was a curator groups, executive secretary of  "History of Kyrgyzstan", the department secretary, the head of the course and diploma projects, a member of the State Examination and Certification Commission specialty "Assessment and management of the property." She took part in government projects, improve their qualification in various courses: "Union of Kyrgyz Appraisers" course "Real Estate Appraisal", "Financial and investment analysis of real estate"; "The Chamber of Accountants and Auditors of the Kyrgyz Republic" the course "Fundamentals of Accounting".
 In 2015 she graduated with honors Masters of  KS UCTA in "Accounting, analysis and audit", the theme of master's thesis: "Improving the methodology for internal audit in budget organizations." She has an academic degree "Master of the economy  "
Since September 2016 Chomoeva Jyldyz Borubaevna working at the department "Management and Business". She lectures and conducts workshops and seminars in the following subjects: "Accounting", "Management Accounting", "Financial Accounting", "Human Resource Management", "Organization Theory", "Strategic Management", "Human Resource Management", "Management organization. " She is a  curator of the group, leader diploma projects specialty "Crisis Management" and leads all kinds of a lectures  for masters.