2Turgumbaev Abdylda was born in 1941 on August 15 in Toktogul region.
In 1958 after leaving school he entered the Frunze Road College.
After graduation in 1961, he started his career as a foreman in the REE-23 in the Toktogul region well site Tashkomur - Razansay the Ministry of Transport and Highways.
From 1963 - 1964 he worked as a foreman road Uch-Terek - Ozgorush.
In 1964 he entered the Moscow Automobile and Road Institute and graduated in 1969. In engineering construction of roads.
From 1969 to 1975 he was Chief Engineer REE-23.
From 1972 - 1974 years was a member of Tashkumyr.
From 1975 to 1980 he worked as the director of REE-30 which was opened especially for the construction of the Union scale Toktogul GES.
In 1980-1990 years he defended his thesis on "Methods of dealing with ice on the roads." Winner of bronze medal of the USSR.
From 1990 he worked as a lecturer, senior lecturer, associate dean, dean and head of the department in recent years, Professor Kyrgyz State University of Construction and Architecture of Transport after by N. Isanov.
An experienced road. Author of more than 40 articles on the road and on road safety. General Member of the National Federation of the Kyrgyz "Ordo".
Turgumbaev Abdylda is Excellence in Education, Excellence, Sports and Physical Education.