4Sadykov Maksat Amangeldievich
graduated physical and mathematical faculty of the Osh state university on a speciality «Physics-engineer».
Sadykov M.A. has protected candidate thesis in 2006 on dissertational council D.01.05.267 at КSТU named after I.Razzakova, on a theme «Laws of high-speed deformation of special steels at the raised temperatures». With the decision of NAC КR 6/7/2007 the scientific degree of the candidate of physical and mathematical sciences on a speciality 01.02.04 - mechanics of a deformable heavy body is appropriated.
Since 2007 works on chair of physics КSUСТА named after N/Isanov, has published 3 methodical managements to laboratory works and more than 20 scientific articles.
Language skills: English with the dictionary.