Personal Data: Born 26.06.1950.
Place of birth:. Konorchok, Ak-Tala district, Naryn
Nationality: Kyrgyzstan

Education: Graduated Frunze Polytechnic Institute in 1976.
Moscow Architectural Institute – Graduate                     in 1988.
Profession: Architect, Urban Planner
Academic degree, academic title: PhD Architecture, Member of the Academy
Architecture and Construction of the Kyrgyz Republic

Published scientific papers: 25 papers, 6 textbooks, 30 design works.
The basic design work implemented more than 130 of them, 35 in Russia and 70 in the Kyrgyz Republic.
Medal "For Labor," "Young participants VDNH"
Mention: "Diploma Frunze City Executive Committee"
Honorable mention: "Winner of the social. competition "
"Honored Builder of the Kyrgyz Republic"
Career: 1968-1970 teacher of the school № 2. At-Bashy district
                                         1970-1971 the gem Frunze  Public national – economic enterprise ("Kiyal")
                                         1971-1976 Student of the Frunze Polytechnic Institute,
1976-1986 Chief Architect of Gagarin city
1986-1988 Head of the state architectural of Frunze city
1988-1991 Deputy Chief Architect of Frunze.
                                          1991-1998 Chief Architect Bishkek  “Bishkek head department architecture”
                                          1998-2000 Advisor to the Mayor of Bishkek Head. Department of the Municipality of Bishkek
                                          2000-2001 Deputy Chairman of the State Committee for Architecture and Construction under the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic

                                         2001-2005 Deputy., Deputy Manager of the President of the Kyrgyz Republic
                                         2005-2006 Managing Director Parliament of the President of the Kyrgyz Republic
                                         2006-2008 Deputy Director of the State Construction Committee of the Kyrgyz Republic
                                         2010-2012 Head “Bishkek head department architecture”, Chief Architect Bishkek city
                                         2012 Head of the Department of Urban Planning and Territorial Development of the State construction of regional development of the Kyrgyz Republic.

                                         2012 Head of the Department "Urban Planning"