Date of birth: 08.03.1976г.
Birthplace: Kyrgyz Republic Bishkek
Nationality: Kyrgyz


1993  ended Author's Physic & Mathematical School – Lyceum No. 61
1998  graduated from the Kyrgyz Technical University Bishkek

  1.  Faculty: "Technological"
  2. Specialty: "Technology and designing of products of textile and light industry"

Specialization: "Technology of garments"
2000  graduated from the Kyrgyz State university of construction, transport and architecture Bishkek
 Faculty: "World economy and audit"
 Specialty: "Accounting and audit"

  1.  Specialization: "Accounting and audit"
  3. Since 2007 the graduate student of full-time tuition in "Business economics".   Thesis:   "Problems of a sustainable development of clothing industry of the Kyrgyz Republic" 
  4.  Specialization: "Accounting and audit"

Additional data on

  1. From 01/09/05 to 01/11/05  passed English language courses on "Anniversary". Ended with 1 on 3 levels.
  2. Language skills: Kyrgyz, Russian, English with the dictionary.
  4. Knowledge of the personal computer at the level of the user. Knowledge of Windows 95,98,2000, XP. Free possession of the MS Office appendices (Word, Exell, PowerPoint, Internet Explorer Browser, Outlook Express, E-mail).


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