Department of "Design, construction of buildings and earthquake engineering" was formed by the order № 1/157 of 03.07.2006g. on the basis of the two departments "Architectonics" and "Technology and building organization."From the day the Department "Design, Construction of Buildings and Earthquake-Resistant Construction" was founded, the head of the department is the candidate of physical and mathematical sciences, associate professor Mamatov Zh.Y.
In 1955, at the Frunze Polytechnic Institute was organized  the department  of "Architecture of industrial and civil buildings (Arch. PPPs).
Organizer and the first head of the department was the famous architect of the Kyrgyz Republic, Associate professor  Ivanov Pavel Petrovich.
On his initiative and with the active participation in the design department was created Student Design Bureau  which was intended to familiarizing students to the actual building design. The first head  of the department was  Associate Professor Mel R.K.
For 25 year of the department were projected many objects of  Kyrgyz Republic, including the Frunze Polytechnic Institute by students and  teachers.
Since 1973 began training towards farm building, in connection with which the department was renamed and was called - "The Architecture of industrial, civil and agricultural buildings (Head of Department. Associate Professor Mel R.K.) Due to the increasing demand in engineers - builders Department created "Farm buildings (CXC) (Head of the Department was Associate  professor Kalyujin N.T.).
Since 1979, the Department of Arch. EGS was called the Department "Industrial and civil construction" and was appointed head produces specialty CBC, with the rights and responsibilities for the development of working curricula for all forms of learning.
Over the years, up to 1992, Head of the Department Associate Professor,  were Mel R.K, Associate Professor, Ph.D. Yatsenko D.V., Associate Professor Ph.D. Losev Y. G. With their participation and leadership in the department is actively conducted research work, both theoretical and applied.
In subsequent years, the department was headed Kadyraliev K.O., Filippov, V.A., Batyrchaev I.E., Kojaliev A. Since 2002, the department was headed by the first rector KSUCTA Prof. J.T. Tentiev who organized the opening of a new specialty "Design of Buildings."
The most important of them were to study of the properties of hydraulic concrete for construction of dams in the country (leader Dr. Yatsenko D.V.). And development of technology-aided design (CAD) construction projects (leader Dr. Losev Y.G.).
History of the Department "Technology and organization of construction" started with the forming in the Kyrgyz State University, Engineering Faculty, which on the base of the faculty  was established Frunze Polytechnic Institute on the first of September in 1954.
Department "Building operations" DRF construction department was one of the graduates departments. The department "Building operations" were headed by associated professor Provorov P.N. (1954-1966 years), Trulev V.I. (1962-1966 years), Associate Professor Ph.D. Serdyukov M.M. (1966 1969g.g.).
In 1972, due to the increased number of students in the architectural and construction departments Department was divided into two parts: "The technology of construction of production" (head of the department Tulemyshev M.Sh.) and "Construction management" (head of the department  Trulev V.I.) In 1978-1986  Head of the  Department "Technology of construction of production" was a lecturer Niyazov Sh.F., and from 1986 to 2006, PhD degree of technical science associate Prof. M.Sh. Tulemyshev, elected in 1996 Academician of Engineering Academy of the Kyrgyz Republic, and in 1999 member of cor. International Academy.
Department TiOS had only in the Republic of scientific laboratory "Heat treatment of building structures", which was implemented at construction sites and factories Kyrgyz economical methods faster curing and drying of materials and structures.
In 1993, the Laboratory completed and defended his dissertation for PhD degree of Technical Sciences senior teacher Shaimbetov D.A. (Head Tulemyshev M.Sh),  in 2002 Akmatov A.K. (Head Tulemyshev M.Sh.).
Department had regular educational-methodical and scientific relations with universities in building the cities of Moscow, St. Petersburg and other cities of the CIS.
Professor, Doctor of Technical Science Tulemyshev M.Sh. was a famous scientist in the field of concrete technology intensification of work in construction. A large series of works to improve the technology of monolithic and precast concrete works were carried out under his leadership about 35 contractual works performed to the tune of 1 million 650 thousand rubles was carried out by Tulemyshev M.Sh. scientific research in the field of concrete hardening, improving heat treatment of reinforced concrete structures in the factory, monolithic housing construction and energy-efficient solar technology of concrete are developed in the department Scientific development to ensure the quality of the concrete during the heat treatment are widely used by enterprises in the Kyrgyz Republic and abroad.           


1. Theory and practice of earthquake engineering;
2. Development of technologies for the production of concrete work in extreme conditions;
3. Intensification of production processes in the construction of buildings and structures;
4. Building energy efficiency, the development and creation of new design and technological solutions;
5. Structural systems of buildings and structures;
6. Architectural and building physics;


The Department is profiling and prepares graduates for areas:
• «The construction in the mountains," Bachelor;
• «Building Design", Bachelor;
• «The theory and practice of organizational, technological, and economic decision-making" -    

“Architectural and constructive design principles in special conditions” - master.

         The Department provides an educational process for students of architecture, building and economic directions KSUCTA. Currently, teachers of the department and ensure conduct studies on 37 subjects.
Department of TVZ and SS trains students in the following disciplines: Technology of construction processes, technologies, construction of buildings and structures, industrial and civil architecture buildings typology, based on architectural design, structural, etc. Leading concept department training is a balanced mix of architectural and artistic design and engineering disciplines in training, providing comprehensive training, which owns the sequence of work in the construction industry: pre-analysis, a competent legal registration of contracts, development of functional, architectural and compositional and structural solutions, building services to meet the requirements of the economy, with the use of modern, efficient design tools. Given the characteristics of contemporary design practice in the training included courses on the psychology of professional contacts, management, project management, information technology, increasing the adaptability of the graduate.
Department provides technology and design practice for students of the first, second and third year. Students reinforce and extend the theoretical knowledge gained in learning the skills of working in the construction industry.
Practical training, students of the third and fourth year under agreements are signed by the leading public and private architectural and construction companies and enterprises. Currently have contracts for training and passing the field study and work experience with the Institute of Seismology, KNIIP Earthquake Engineering, PSF "Bishkekkurulush" and many others. Students directly in production, meet in buildings and structures, organization development, labor protection. Acquire skills in their chosen specialty. According to the results of work experience, students prepare and defend a report on the practice of the results of their work.
Our graduates are in demand in the construction, architecture and design, scientific research institutes.
For the success of the educational process teachers of the department systematically prepared and revised guidelines and training manuals. In recent years, a number of published textbooks.

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Currently, the department "Design, construction of buildings and earthquake engineering" has the following laboratories: "Earthquake-proof building", "Architectural Building Physics", "Temir-Concrete", "Design Center" where students are engaged in architecture and construction.

Laboratory "Architectural Building Physics"

Laboratory is engaged in laboratory and educational research studies on the distribution of temperature and humidity psychometric method, recording vibrations indoor climate, the study of thermal properties of various enclosures in Bishkek, KEO study of the distribution in real space, depending on the size of a svetoproema measurements using natural light, artificial light in the study of real-space method isolux. All studies performed with instruments thermograph, barograph, humidity recorder, etc. Supervises luxmeter lab Acting Associate Professor B.S. Matozimov and head of the Laboratory Misirova A.M. Laboratory of Architecture and Building Physics serves students majoring in the PP, SGU, CBC, ARCH, DAS, PP, etc.




Laboratory "earthquake engineering"

In the laboratory, regular shake table test. There is a sufficient legal and technical, hardware and instrumentation, laboratory and instrumental, informational and material resources base. Head of the Laboratory is Sansyzbaev S.M.
            At present, based on the laboratory work is conducted in cooperation with BOP "Habitat", Technology Transfer Centre and the Institute of Seismology KSUCTA National Academy of Sciences on the project: "The test models of houses, built of local materials." The purpose of the project: a series of experiments on several choices traditionally built houses made of local materials, including reinforced model home on seysmoplatforme KSUCTA and make recommendations to the local population. The project was planned 4 experiments, 3 of which have been successfully carried out. To implement the project involved building trades students, in order to acquire skills in the field of earthquake engineering and experimental data.

Design office "Design Center"

From 1981 to the present day functioning, the initial at the department, the center of the design project office where focused regulatory reference books, catalogs, sample projects, and other materials for student projects.


Laboratory "Temir-Beton"

Starting from the first days of the organization had been a list of research, production and test work on various areas of building science, practice and technology were made by the laboratory. These include: research into new methods and technologies for the production of concrete work and introduction into production, improvement of methods of heat treatment precast monolithic and prefabricated reinforced concrete, reinforced with electrothermics in production, development of normative-technical documentation (project works; routings, labor cards processes, etc.) in the field of construction industry. Supervises laboratory

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 The main scientific direction of the department is "Creating functional, physical, technical, architectural, structural and compositional basis for designing buildings and structures." The problems of modern architecture and urban planning, organization and technology of construction processes are solved at the department. To the improvement of building typology, socio-economic aspects of the architectural and structural design are paid much attention.
In recent years several scientific and technical works were carried out by the  department of  "Design, construction of buildings and earthquake engineering". In particular, such as: "Visual assessment of the safety of target pre-schools in the Batken region (20 community kindergartens and 18 pre-school)," "Inspection and testing of the bridge over the river Naryn 318 km. road Bishkek - Osh "," test on a vibration platform models of low-rise buildings on the effects of seismic waves of high intensity "," Study of the oscillations of different buildings in Bishkek on records tangible and large earthquakes. "


Department of "Design, construction of buildings and earthquake engineering" KSUCTA has a state license and holds courses of professional development building structure. Students of the third year of construction specialties are able to take courses "Masons" and get a certificate for working specialty mason third digit.
To register for the courses can be accessed at:
Kyrgyzstan, 720020, Bishkek, st. Maldybaeva 34 "b" KSUCTA
Energy Systems, Department of "Design, construction of buildings and earthquake engineering", 3/407.
Tel: +996-312-545712