She was born in 1950. Associate Professor of «Design, construction of buildings and earthquake engineering».
In 1972, she graduated from the FPI with honorable mentions for showing inclination to research work, active and fruitful participation in the university NSO on success combined with study. After graduation she worked in the Planning Institute «TsNIIEPovtseprom» engineer, foreman at the plant on reinforced concrete.
Since 1976, worked as a teacher in the Department of the FPI «Technology

BUILDING production» under the leadership of M.S. Tulemysheva.
In 1986 she graduated from the postgraduate school. Worked on the theme: «heat treatment of bulk, thin-walled induction method». Head: Prof. Tulemyshev M.S.
Since 1992 she worked at the Department of KASI «TOC» as senior lecturer. And then in KSUCTA after N. Isanov the department «EOP and SS» associate  professor.
G. Choi has 14 scientific publications, including magazines «Hydraulic Engineering and Reclamation», «Concrete and reinforced concrete», etc.