4Ilyushenko Irina Mikhailovna
Senior teacher of faculty «Design» Contact information: служ.тел. (0312) 650731.
• 1996 graduated from people's University of Culture life, courses modeling and cutting clothes. Assigned to the profession of a Designer-cutter».
• 1997-2002 study in KSUCTA full-time faculty of the IAD, qualification-the artist - designer in the specialty «Art designing of products of textile and light industry».
• Seminar 2011. «The package of marketing tools» of Russia - Moscow.
• Seminar 2012. «How to move your brand. Author's fashion» was Irina Ashkinadze ;Russia - Saint-Petersburg;
Place of work:
• Lectures on the specialization «costume Design». Disciplines: «costume Design», «Propedeutics», «Cromatics», «Colouring», «the History of costumes and cutting», «Basics of theory and methodology of design costume design», «Absolutely. Costume and innovations». And the same is course and diploma projects for students majoring in fashion design.
Practical activities.
1. 2002 - lecturer of the Department of «KhPI» KSUCTA. Read the lecture «the Physics of colour and psychology of perception», «the History of costumes and cutting», «Computer modeling», «Computer technologies in design».
2. Management and preparation of the collection of the students to participate in the Republican competition of young designers in the fashion week in Kyrgyzstan,2010.2011,2012..
3. 2002 - recommendation SJSC part of the thesis at the international competition «Architecture and design» diploma projects - Belarus Minsk.
4. 2002 - participation and demonstration of the thesis «the White underside of the black», in the contest of models «Portfolio of 2002.»
5. 2003 - Grant-When the nomination «avant-garde» in the body of the contest «the Best of the best».
6. 2002-2005. - practical activity development of sketches of a costume for the choreographic team KSUCTA.
7. 2011. - development of firm style special clothing for the company «Golden Corn».
With 2008 - to present time is the senior lecturer of faculty «Design»

Scientific and methodical work.
1. 2009 - the article «the Kinds of gloves and their classification» - published newsletter 4(26) volume I.