Baitokova Mahabat Aiypovna graduated Kyrgyz State University of Construction, Transport and Architecture named N.Isanov in 2012. Was qualified as economist-appraisal at “Assessment and management of property” specialty.
Also in 2012 she began to work at the Department as a senior laboratory and began her teaching career at the Department of "Assessment and Management".
Graduated with honors Master's degree in "Economics", Master Program 552233. Subject of master's thesis: "Factors affecting the change in the value of residential real estate."
Baytokova Makhabat Ayypovna currently teaches the following disciplines: "Management Decisions", "Organizational Behavior", "Management", "Managerial Economics", "Organization Theory".
At this time, he enrolled in graduate school at the 2nd course in the direction of "Economy", the theme of scientific work: "Economic problems of construction and housing complex in Bishkek."
Baytokova M.A. interesting conducts workshops, the students enthusiastically engaged on teaching her discipline.