Senior lecturerof "Management and Business" department

In 1994, she graduated from the Bishkek Humanities University as a"Russian language and literature."In higher education, working 17 years as a laboratory instructor. 
From 1996 -1998 worked as a senior laboratory assistant and lecturer at the Department "Language Learning"
From 1998-2000, she worked in the University of Technology, "Dastan"  the teacher.
From 2000 -2002  she worked as a teacher at a CAF KG USTA.
Since 2002 -2008  teacher of Russian language in combination.
 2008 -2015  she worked as a senior lecturer at the department of "Evaluation and Management".
She has participated in seminars at KSU by named Arabaev  "Innovative methods of teaching"
Since September 2016 a senior lecturer at the department "Management and Business". Teaching discipline "Russian Language and Literature", "Rhetoric", "Speech Communication", "Culture of speech", "Business Communication".
   Ermatova  K. T.  interesting conducts seminars and workshops, students happy to deal with it on teaching disciplines.
Foreign Language: English is a dictionary.
Contact information: cell. Tel. 0558 619120