1Mr Mukanov Tynchtyk Askerovich  

Mr Mukanov is a master in hydro technical construction. In 2009 he had graduated Kyrgyz State University of Construction, Transportation and Architecture by N.Isanova under the specialization of hydraulic engineering.

In 2003 he had started his carrier as an engineer at the Kyrgyz scientific and technical center on energy “Energiya” under the Ministry of Energy and Industry of the Kyrgyz Republic. He worked as a leading specialist at the department of Logistics in Kyrgyz-German Technical Faculty of KGTU by I.Razakova. Later he become a senior teacher and academic advisor on loan technology at the same department. Since April 2010 he is also a senior teacher at the Department of Hydro Technical Construction of KGUSTAby N.Isanova. He is associate candidate of the department. The title of the dissertation is “Technological basics of water intake from mountai river from the point of view systemic analysis”. The scientific supervisor if Professor Rahimov K.R.

1.Technological practicability of automatization application on water intakes in mountaineous and piedmont areas
2. Hydraulic structural models of open streams
3. Analysis and overview of current hydro technical construction on irrigation systems.