Mr Dikambaev Shamil Bekturganovich

2Candidate of technical sciences. Docent. Honorable Member of industry sector in the Kyrgyz Republic.

Mr Dikambaev Sh.B. is one of the leading expert in country in the sphere of high voltage engineering. The unique high-mountain scientific and research station built on the highway Tuy-Ashu (VNIS Tyu-Ashu) by his close participation. The research activities hold on electrical equipment and power lines within hard conditions in high up in the mountains. He conducted research on corona effect at the wires of power lines in air.  The research results become basics of united manual on “Registration of power lose for a corona by selection of wires 1150 kW alternate current and 1500 kW continuous current".
Dikambaev Sh.B. published more than 30 scientific papers. He has 4 inventions, among them 1 is patent of Russian Federation, 1 patent of the Kyrgyz Republic and 2 inventor certificates. He is scientific supervisor of associate candidates at the department.
The major scientific direction is resolution of scientific and technical problems in energy, initially from “Big Naryn Issues” interrelated with complex utilization of hydro energy and fuel resources in northern Kyrgyzstan territories.