Head of the «Chemistry, Personal and Social Safety»
Graduated of Moscow State University after named Lomonosov, candidate of the chemical sciences, associate professor, professor of KSUCTA. After completion of the university 4 years she worked at production - at the factory of the physical instrument, at first as an engineer, then head of the chemical laboratory. During the working time on production, she was incorporated five rationalization of the offers, noted by author's remunerations.
Total experience work in Frunze polytechnic institute and KSUCTA are 47 years. Since 1965 assistant, senior teacher, associate professor, deputy of the dean, head of the department. The Candidate of the chemical sciences since 1971 scientist rank of associate professor is assigned in 1980.
During the work in HIGH SCHOOL she has contributed the significant contribution to the field of preparation of the high qualifications specialists - the engineers-technologists, energies and builders. Has executed the row of the work in scholastic, scientific, scholastic-methodical educational and public plans.
Scholastic-methodical work is dedicated to development and improvement of the methodical provision of taught disciplines. She is designed and published about 30- methodical allowance for course of "physical chemistry", "colloidal chemistry" and physic-chemical methods of research.
The Scientific direction is denoted to research of the method of calculation efficient potential interpartial of the interaction in metallic melt, allowed to formulate the practical recommendations for calculation of the features interpartial interactions and forecasting physic-chemical characteristics.
The Results of her scientific works are published in more than 70-printed editions, majority of them in boarding printed (Russia, Germany, USA and Austria). In 1996 are published two monographs, volume in 13 printed sheets and above 35 methodical instructions. These works contribute the essential contribution to physic-chemistry metallic melt, in understanding the nature of the fluid metallic condition and fundamental matters of interconnection interatomic of interaction, structures and physic-chemical characteristic.
Student scientific works executed with her management, were repeatedly rewarded with diplomas I degree.
She actively concerned with public work. During row of the years was a member of Scientist Council of the institute and faculty, vice-chairman of the trade-union committee Frunze polytechnic institute, member of the Republican branch committee trade union, member of the trade-union committee of the technological faculty Frunze polytechnic institute, member of the expert’s commission.
In 1999  by decision of Scientist Council KSUCTA is awarded honorably professor.
For conscientious work is repeatedly noted with thanks and honorable diploma of the institute, ministry of the education and science.
Has awards: medal "Veteran of the labor", omen "Excellence in Public Education", Honorable diploma of ZHogorku Kenesh of Kyrgyz Republic, rank "honored worker of the education of Kyrgyz Republic".
At present time works as Head of the «Chemistry, Personal and Social Safety» department at KSUCTA, being sample of the specialist of high qualification and bona fides.
Contacts: e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , tel.: (0312) 564514